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New pages and improvements on


In 2009:



December 31



List of Spirit Places in europe and the Netherlands


Europe and the Netherlands


December 31



List of Spirit Places in North America, Pacific and Africa


North America, Pacific and Africa


December 27



New spirit place index page 16 until 30 (repaired on January 02)


Spirit Places 16 until 30


December 27



New spirit Place 52 in South Africa




Spirit Place 52



December 27



New Spirit Place

51 in Haarlem,



Spirit Place 51


December 27



New index page of SPirit Places


Spirit Places 46 until 60


December 27



New index page of Spirit Places


Spirit Places 31 until 45


December 27



New index page of Spirit Place


Spirit Places 1 until 15


August 25



New page on the experiments of my friend Piet on Radionics experiment about the energies of the stars.


Energies of the Stars are influencing all Living Beings


August 25



Update of the general Radionics page




August 16



Updated and new pictures


The Goddess place at Heiloo


August 15



Major disturbance of our webserver.


Everything was repaired within hours, but it gave a lot of disturbance.




August 11



Goddess place in Belgium




August 10



Updated Christianity before Jesus


christianity before Jesus


August 09



updated the differences betwee ancient Egyption religion and Christianity




August 07



updated the history of Hawaii page

history of Hawaii


August 07



updated the atlantis ring story


atlantisring journal


August 07



the webpage about the recent knowledge wars


secret history of the knowledge wars


August 07



28 pages completely updated.


ancient christianity


susan messages


and more


July 27



All 3627 internal links have been verified


All 119 external links have been verified


July 25



Webpage about all New pages in





July 25



New dimension Gateway


The ancient church of Nederhorst den Berg


July 25



Renewed index page for Dimension Gateways

dimension gateway


July 24



The Ley Line Group visiting

also a dimension gateway


Saint Méen in Brûly de Pesche


July 19



Susan message


Yes we can


July 19



Susan message


Ocean of Tears


July 19



The menhir La Pierre qui Tourne


special page on La Pierre qui Tourne

July 08



A new index page was made for the Tarot webpages.


index for Tarot pages

July 07



All Tarot pages were updated and renewed


see Tarot index


March 21



Goddess Page

Anloo, the holy wood of An


March 16



Secret history

Secret history

of DNA


in 2008:



October 27


124th country


country page



September 11



Spirit Place 50!!

La Pierre Qui Tourne at Baileux in Belgium


September 10



Susan Peace Message

about the

Peace Experiment


Peace Will Come



August 18



New material


Link page for 78 RPM records on MP3 format



August 18



All 3487 internal links and 123 external links



Link pages


August 02



Susan and Robert visited the Healing Well


The Healing Well at Nordenau Germany


July 20




Ruud Hille


July 08



The second miracle is declared true.


Father Damien will be Saint


July 05



New spirit place 49

only for respectful people.


Resting Place of the Ascended Master


June 25



A most holy place


Saint Adelbert field


June 18





Special index of megalithic places




June 18



Updated with new material


Dutch National Anthem


June 18



Second visit to the Sun temple at Rhenen


The Sun temple second visit


June 05



A magickal altar



King's Table at the



June 04



New visit of the Ley Line Group


Sun temple at Rhenen Netherlands


May 31



The multidimensional garden of Master Beinsa Douno


Master Beinsa Douno


May 31



Total server break down



First time in 6 years.


May 31



Major update

Ruud Hille


May 28



New secret history

Secret history of the dinosaurs


May 28



118 countries

Countries visiting


May 27



Major Update

Secret history of Atlantis


April 30



Queen's Day


Flag with Orange

super quality

for wall paper



April 30




All 122 external links and 3289 internal links checked


All 193 internal broken links were found and repaired.


April 01



Ancient Christianity


Good Friday


April 01



Susan message

Reading is fundamental


April 01



Ancient Christianity


A definition



March 30



Susan Message


Miracle wish for 2008



March 29



addition to the Atlantis Ring report


Atlantis Ring report


March 18



Respect and

Freedom for the religion of Tibet


Dimension page



March 17



Update of the Atlantis Ring report


Atlantis Ring report


March 17


Added the page upon the history of the Atlantis Ring


History of the Atlantis Ring


February 27




113 countries

and some history of


Seventh year page


February 24


All external and internal links checked


Link pages





Many smaller and bigger adjustments



January 01



Important additions to the Hathors page

Hathor Goddesses



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