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Place of Goddess visions

Beauraing, Belgium


Robert and Susan visited a place where the Goddess

made herself visible to a group of 5 children.

Beauraing in Belgium.


In the 1930's here was a garden of a little cloister,

where the Goddess made herself visible to 5 kids.

Now this is a place of prayer and pelgrimage.


Also Pope John Paul the Second came on this place as a pilgrim.


The Goddess appeared to the children 13 times, which is a Goddess number.

She also spoke to the kids on several occasions.


One of her sayings on December 23, 1932 was:

People have to come here as pilgrims.

This saying was made real by thousands and thousands of people

áfrom the first days of the visions.



The 13 visions appeared on 3 places in the garden of the cloister.

Two places of appearance were not kept in order.

Only one place of appearance was kept.

It is the place in the hawthorn.


To the left is the statue of the Goddess on exactly the place where she appeared.

The garden was converted in rows of benches with a big altarplace.

The benches are not directed towards the Goddess appearance!


The Goddess appeared in the hawthorn with a golden heart and

golden beams of Light coming from her head.

She was elevated about 1metre20centimetres.

No additional colours are mentioned, except for the white robe.



Robert was able to do measurements at this place.

The Lecher antenna gave the wavelength of Divinity.

The appearance of the vision is very much like the way the Goddess has appeared

to Robert in some of his visions of the Goddess.

The whole situation is very authentic and the conclusion

of Susan and Robert is,

that the 5 children indeed have seen the Goddess here.


In the days of the visions (1932-1933) many ill people came to be healed.

Also in the present days people are coming for healing.

Susan and Robert have the opinion that the place does not feel like a healing place,

ábut more as a place of holy amazement and veneration.



The Goddess asked for a chapel to be built,

which the people have done on this place.


The local village church has played no role in these appearances.

Everything happened to the left in the old garden.



There are several restaurants nearby and two shops with statues.

Beauraing is an intimate and charming place for pilgrimage.

Very authentic.


The situation of the place of appearances seen relatively to the village centre,

thanks to the Bureau of Tourism.



It is interesting to compare Beauraing in Belgium

with the situation in Heede, Germany.

The Goddess appeared in Heede also to some kids

áa few years later (1936) than in Beauraing.

The website of our visit to Heede.


All pictures are made by Robert.

Copyrightę Robert Home2b.nl 2008

The map of the village is Copyright of the local Tourist Office of Beauraing.


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