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This is a page about secret knowledge.

And the recent wars for this secret knowledge.


I have seen the bigger part of the 20th century

because I lived there and

I noticed something peculiar.

Influential power groups have in my opinion created war situations

áfor their search for certain hidden knowledge.


Somebody is chasing secret knowledge with all means

also military means.

The chase for secret knowledge is on such a big scale,

that real power must be involved in the background.


No person on this planet is so powerful,

to let this hunt for secret knowledge happen

on the world wide scale as it is.

In the background a real powerful organization must be

pulling the ropes and we are the puppets.


We all know that the Second World War had many

occult backgrounds.

The Nazi party of Germany was using Runes for their symbols.

They started their own church with symbols and services.


It seems they were openly interested in secret knowledge

and had expeditions going into Africa and Asia, specially the Middle East.



During the First World War the Armenian people was treated badly in Turkey.

The Armenian church is related to Palmyra and Edessa,

which are ancient ruined cities in Syria and

were centers of the ancient Christian Church.


If there ever was any knowledge about

ancient secrets, it could have been

in the midst of these ancient cities.


The recent killing of the Nubian Christians in the Sudan also is about

ancient knowledge.

Many ancient mysteries must be known to the Nubian church.

We know there were Nubian pharaos and there are Nubian piramids.

The Nubian piramids ALL have been blasted open for their secrets.


The same for the Ethiopian nation, which has been invaded twice

in the 20th century, first by the fascist party of Italy,

then by communists, chasing away the Emperor whose dynasty ruled

this peaceful nation for thousands of years.

Certainly the Ethiopian church has ancient knowledge,

for example about the missing Arc.


Another communist action.

Why did China have to occupy the Tibetan nation?

Secret knowledge was certainly available there.

Very probable there are relations between Tibet

and the land of Lemuria, Mu.

It is for sure there was knowledge about anti-gravitiy in Tibet.


The invasion of Iraq by the USA was not for oil,

but for the search of secret knowledge.

The plundering of the museum of Bagdad by the UAS troops means a lot.

What happened to the written tablets?


It is now sure, that the USA troops were digging with tanks and

bull dozers in the ancient ruines of Babylon.

What were they looking for?

Rocket and space technology, like some modern authors are pointing out?

Did they fing what they were looking for?

What was so valuable, that the same war was started twice?



In the 1880's many inhabitants of Pacific Islands

were killed by several countries.

The navy of Peru was specially very busy.

Whole populations of East Pacific Islands were taken by force.

Women and children being killed on the spot.

The men were brought to the Peruvian mines

for slave labour and only a few survived.

Those Pacific nations had oral traditions,

which were being silenced completely by these killings.

Known are stories about flying apparatus and the handling of big basalt blocks.

Secret knowledge?




What all these endangered nations

have in common are traditions

about lifting stones by sound,

space travel and flying machines.


In my opinion the search for knowledge most probably

is aiming at two fields of knowledge:

1. anti gravitation.

The secret knowledge about handling huge

weights by sound or otherwise.


2. wormholes, coordinates of wormholes, space travel.

Contact with other civilizations is something

we hear about from all these ancient nations.

Also the technology of space craft.


We know for sure that the Nazi regime

had two types of flying saucers operational.

Space travel started for sure in the 1950's shortly after World War 2

in both Russia and the USA.



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