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The secret history of DNA


DNA is a well known concept in the world of biology.

Every cell in our body has strings of DNA.

Even our nails, hairs, saliva has DNA in its kernel.

DNA is heriditary given over from parent to child.

Millions of years.

Modern scientific research has ideas about DNA,

that are not much spoken about.


DNA consists of thousands of molecules,

holding in their biological code all characterics of everything

that is you and me.

The shape of our body, two feet, eyes, hairs,

hands, abilities, mouth, digestion.

The way we are being built and the way we grow.

Strictly spoken the knowledge who we are and how we are

is a memory given to us by our ancestors how we will be.

This memory has come to us through the hereditary way

by birth since millions of years.

The shape of our being has been on this earth for long long times.

This hereditary memory takes about 5 percent of the code of the DNA.



45 percent of the DNA consists of the footprint of viruses.

When we are born we are already immune

for thousands of illnesses, attacks by viruses

on our well being.

Somewhere in the past, our ancestors have suffered of

all kinds of illnesses.

Inside the DNA the memory of those illnesses are stored,

to prevent future generations to get ill again by the same virus.

Every cell in our body has this same memory.

A blessing given to us be ancient ancestors.

Some scientists are talking about 31,000 illnesses.



What about the other 50 percent of coding space in the DNA?

Very probably this coding space consists of memories.


How can this be?

The DNA in our body is protected by mechanisms to keep the DNA

constantly umdamaged and unaltered all our lives.

We also have other chainlike molecules in our cells, like RNA.

It is known from research that RNA does not have this

long lasting mechanism of protection.



Memory proves to be very consistent and longlasting.

People of 90 years old have memories of 80 years old and more.

No other place in our body has such a long time of unaltered

data storage as the DNA.



The coding space of DNA is unbelievably large.

Estimates of numbers of data items that can be stored in the DNA

are enormous.

Scientists are talking of 10 to the power of 10 data items.

Others are talking of 10 to the power of 21.

Numbers of data items that are more than sufficient

to remember everything. Literally everything.

And DNA is hereditary.



DNA is given to us by our ancestors in a direct contact.

This means that their memories are almost surely also given to us.

An example could be the so-called intuition of animals and insects.

It is sure that other creatures who are born with DNA in their cells

have memories as soon as they are born.

Biologists call this intuition.

But it are memories given to them by their ancestors.

For example the bird trek.

A newly born bird knows where to fly to in the bird trek.

Also a bird knows how to build a nest. Etc.



People have memories of earlier lifes.

Hereditary DNA.

People have memories of ancient happenings,

old languages, ancient religions.

Hereditary DNA.

Every cell has this DNA.

The memory is also present in all parts of our bodies.

Not only our brain has memories.

Every cell has memories.

There are stories that a heart transplant

brought memories of the donor to the receiver of the heart.

Hereditary DNA.




Robert and Susan are interested in your stories of memories

older then you.


Robert got a lot of reactions on this page about DNA.

There are many scientific research articles on DNA

telling the story you read above.

For example:

Journal of Theoritical Biology 2001 208 page 145

Dynamical Genetics 2004 page 365

In fact the research gives even a higher percentage

for the memory part of DNA in the brain.

The idea of all cells having DNA and memory is widely spread too.


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