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The history of the Hawaiian islands is

of an astonishing beauty.


So much is forgotten and

so much is only vaguely remembered.

The Royal Family of Hawaii has written down

a lot of the history, both in factual writing and

by noting down the myths of the people.

Parts of the history are also to be found in the museums,

in the beautiful Hula dance, in some remnants of the music.

The people of Hawaii have only made a start

in this remembring process.

This webpage will grow and

give a sketch of this fascinating history.



1. The Hawaiian islands are by many seen as related to

the bigger island Lemuria. This is not so strange as it seems.

Islands have grown and have sunken over and over.

Even now geologists think

that the big island of Hawaii will break in two halves and

one of the two halves will slide away eventually into the Pacific.

It will not happen tomorrow but somewhere in the far future.

So it not impossible that this has happened before with other islands.


2. On New Calidonia man-made cylinders have been found

in graves of 13000 years old dated by carbon dating.

That's really very old and unexplained.


3. On Pitcairn island is found an inscription in

the ancient Egyptian language about a shipwreck.


4. On the islands of Ponape and Tanack

in the Pacific have been found 90 artificial islands

and dams of an unknown civilization.

Walls up to 40 feet. Nobody knows how old these structures are,

but it is certainly remarkable and shows there were

people in the Pacific capable of doing things with

amazingly huge slabs of basalt.


5. King Kalakaua knew a lot about the history of his country.

He saw it as a possibility that larger islands or

small continents were in existence once. He based this on the fact

that at least seven islands between Hawaii and Southern islands

have sunken around the year 1200. These islands were once used

as resting places when travelling between the Pacific islands.

Also he refers to big structures on Eastern island and

other Southern islands. See page 18 of His Majesty's book of 1887.


The sinking away of the islands south of Hawaii

is possibly the reason why the Paao system of religion

could survive for 800 years. The sunken islands were used

by migrants to lead the way and to have safe harbours on the way.


It is like this:

a beautiful and peaceful religion existed on the Hawaiian islands

from probably 400AD until about 1000AD.

This period was female dominated, with harmony, beauty, prosperity.

Somewhere between 1000 and 1200AD several waves

of immigrants came over from Tahiti.

They brought a horrible religion, the so called Paao system.

Tapu was installed with the death panalty for trespassers.

Human sacrifices with piles of victims on certain occasions.

Many wars between the islands.


This Paao religion was abolished by the Hawaiian people in 1820AD.

Now is the time that the Hawaiian people are slowly

regaining their old religion of peace.



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ancient christianity

susan messages


office susan

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secret history

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