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Mana the Hawaiian spirituality


Mana is the essential life energy.

Mana does exist and is a great blessing in all dimensions

Everywhere on the planet the spirituality is growing.

On the Pacific islands of Hawaii the spirituality

is very beautiful and special. Hawaiian priestesses are bringing

a spirituality of world peace and healing.

Even some of the old Hawaiian temples have been taken

into use again after so many years.

From around 600 settlers had come from Tahiti and

even farther west, eventually maybe from Indonesia and India.

From 600 to 1100 the Hawaiian islands were as peacefully

as can be imagined. The religion was a blessing for the nation.


Around the year 1100 AD the caste of priests

in the line of the male priest Paao brought human sacrifices

and the horrible kapu system to the islands.

A Kapu (tabu) system always comes into existence

where different casts have to be kept in separated existence.

The higher cast has a push down on the lower cast

by the kapu system. A breach of the Kapu system by somebody

was punished by death through strangulation.


Specially the Hawaiian women were very much discriminated

by the kapu system. But also men were in constant danger

of trespassing the kapu. A certain death followed

by the little white cord of the priests.

Even when the shadow of a "higher" person touched

the body of another person, death by stangulation

followed directly. One of the little white cords is

to be seen in the Bishop museum in Honolulu.

There are not so many ancient remnants of the cruel system.

Also human sacrifice was part of the Paao system.

Wars between the islands were created to have

enough prisoners for sacrificing. Known are temple services

with 32 human sacrifices in one temple service.

In 1819 the Hawaiian people, at that time still

an independent nation, abolished the temples and priests

of the religion of the priest Paao.

Human sacrifices were very normal in that time.

King Kamehameha the Second was very much opposed

against the kapu on women and openly he had a meal

together with his wife. Eating of man and wife together

was strictly forbidden. He was the first to break the kapu.

The whole Hawaiian nation followed his example.

The reaction against the Paao system of religion

was very heavy. Temples were abolished, priests were killed,

hula forbidden. This reaction was to strong.

At the present time the native Hawaiians and

many of their friends are finding back

their way into the original religion of the early times.

Gradually the native Hawaiians are remembering

their ancient and peaceful gods, although

they lost their independence, their kings and queens,

much of their native lands and almost

their native Hawaiian language. Even the sacred hula dance

has been forbidden during a long time,

until the people had the courage to take up

the old habits of their nation.

One goddess survived every suppression, the goddess Pele.

She is the Queen of fire, living with her sisters

in the volcanoe Kilauea on the big island.

Everywhere on the islands she is respected

and many stories are told about her.

Together with her sisters Pele

is also a multiple goddess like Hathor.

See the Hathor page.

Although in many stories Pele appears

as a beautiful woman, in stories told around Honolulu

she is seen as an old woman, appearing at unexpected moments,

bringing prosperity to people

where she finds respect for her old age.

This picture is of the beautiful Kailua Beach Park

near Honolulu, where queen Pele and one of her eight sisters

appeared to Robert for a very special spiritual experience.

Robert made this picture in 1998 one hour

before the special event on this place. The appearance of the goddess Pele

was so unexpected and surprising, that Robert forgot

to make a picture of her appearance, although Robert and Pele

and her sister were together for almost two and a half hours.


The ancient Hawaiian spirituality is very special.

Every human person has three spirits:

the lower spirit, which resembles an animal;

the middle spirit, which is the emotional part of a person

and the higher self, which is the divine part of a person.

The lower spirit and the middle spirit are living together in the body.

The higher spirit is connected with the person,

but not living inside the body.

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ancient christianity

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