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The big island of Lemuria, Mu,

Mukulia in the Pacific Ocean



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The secret history of the sunken continent

in the Pacific Ocean.


The Earth is not a stable planet.

As fas as we know,

there is much iron in the middle of the planet,

surrounded by a very hot mass of magma and

around it all is a very thin skin of stone and oceans.

Gravitation is pulling on all sides.

The Sun, the Moon, the giant planets,

stars we pass by closely,

maybe dark loose planets floating through space

without a star to circle around.

In the meantime comets do fall on the surface

bringing their clustered iron and water

on the surface of the planet,

filling the oceans with space water

and maybe alien species frozen in the ice.

The tsunami in the Indian Ocean at Christmas 2004

has brought up new islands near Sumatra,

but also made vanish some other islands.

Islands were shifted from their place.


One side of the Earth has a crest

of 10 to 20 kilometers thick.

Here are all the known continents

and the Atlantic, the Nordic and the Indian Oceans.

The other half of the Earth has a very thin crest,

here is the Pacific Ocean.

The crest under the Pacific Ocean

is only 2 to 3 kilometers thick.

The Pacific Ocean on this half of the Earth

is average 5 to 10 kilometers deep.


There is a theory that the Earth got this shape

by a heavy collision long ago.

Some scientists think that the result of this collision

was parts of the Moon breaking off from the Earth.

There is no definitive answer to this.

Although the Moon is nearby,

and was much more nearby long ago,

we don't know much about the Moon.

Many facts we "know" about the Moon,

are part of a propaganda mind set,

like the idea that the Moon is

a desert of craters and dust.

Step out of the mind set:

there is probably water on the Moon.


Half of the Earth is covered

by the Pacific Ocean with only small islands

scattered around like dust on a mirror.

The big question is:

can it be, that part of the ocean floor

has risen like a gigantic wave of stone

and became a huge island inhabited for some time?

My opinion is that this is more then possible indeed.


Ofcourse this has to been seen separately

from the rising of the water level.

The water level has risen about 60 meters

in the last 10.000 years.

Everywhere along the shores of the continents

áare inundated areas, which were once inhabited areas.


It is known that South America on the side

of the Pacific has risen immensely.

Ancient sea harbors and canals are

presently found high in the Andes mountains.

So this rising of the mountains must have happened

in the last 20.000 years or more recently.


Where a whole continent rises out of the magma,

something else has to go down.

It is very likely,

that part of the Pacific Ocean floor has sunken,

drowning the huge island below kilometers of water.

This huge island is called Lemuria, Mu, Mukulia or Hiva.


Many old legends tell about an ancient civilisation

existing somewhere in the Pacific area.

This civilisation was far ahead of their time

in wisdom and technology.

On many islands there are buildings made with

the giant stones of the megalithic people.

These stones of basalt of immense proportions

(up to 50 tons and even 200 tons each) are

the same giant stones used inside the Egyptian piramids,

in the temple of Baalbek,Libanon,

in the ancient city of Tiahuanaco,

which city is almost certainly built in 15.000 BC

because of paintings found in this place

of the extinct land animal Toxodont.


There are also piramids on the Pacific islands.

Roads leading into the ocean in many places.

And reliefs on mountain sides of flying men,

on Oahu, on Easter Island and other islands

thousands of miles apart.

Also graves have been found for

giants of 5m 30centimeter long.

A recent example:

with the heavy earthquake of December 26, 2004

which caused the big tsunami in Sri Lanka and

Indonesia and many other places,

an island came up out of the Indian Ocean,

that was covered by water for centuries.

Old maps showed, that this island was dry land

long ago.

The much wider Pacific Ocean certainly will have

these islands emerging and vanishing.


About the piramids and megalithic buildings

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