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Christianity before Jesus


The difference between a webpage like

and a book from the bookshop is

that the webpage grows with new insights.


New insights are shared on the internet with thousands of readers.

I leave out the footnotes and the broader explanations,

that would be part of the book,

but the essence of my research is here.


Later when my books are being published,

I will add all the extra material that is to be

expected in a well researched volume.


(BC means before the Western counting of years,

AD means a year in the Western calendar.)


The issue of Christianity before Jesus was also studied in early centuries.

Known scholars are Lactantius (around 310AD)

and Cyrillus of Alexandria (around 430AD).

Their studies came to the conclusion,

that Christianity originates from both

the Orpheus religion


the Hermes religion.

They also mention the Sybillian prophecies.

I could not check this third option.

About the Orpheus origins of Christianity I made the webpage:

Orpheus and ancient Christianity



Ofcourse Christianity has clearly also roots in the Hebrew religion.

Also in Syria (Edessa) and the South (the area Arabia, Ethiopia, Nubia)

are roots which I could not research enough yet.


But more probable the Jesus movement was an imitation of the John the Baptist movement.

My opinion is that the New Testament writers as a power group,

were not happy with their Jesus figure,

and they started writing in an offensive way about

the John the Baptist churches in the meanwhile taking

over many of the important John the Baptist writings

and some of the ceremonies.


This page gives some short notes on the traces

of knowledge that can be gathered about

Pre-Jesus Christianity.


Pious Christian believers call the first centuries after Jesus

"the young church" and also "the first gathering".

They see the first two centuries after the Jesus movement

as "the pure church".

This is not correct.


In the centuries after Jesus in the years 200 until 362AD

payed heresy-hunters went around to destroy everything

outside the thinking of the Jesus movement.

The heresy hunters destroyed successfully

believers and buildings and books.

After 362AD the Roman troops crushed upon the Christian world

with military force. Only the Jesus power movement,

that is the Roman state religion, remained.



I am not saying that present day Christianity is wrong.

But I want to present the idea that those ancient heresy killers

have taken away from me and you choices

in my and your belief what I and you could have believed.


Also I have the opinion that parts of my religion

áhave been taken away forcefully long ago,

like the female aspect of God,

like the woman priest,

and a lot of things I don't even know,

because it was done away with.


The Messiah and the Menachem


Authors from inside the Hebrew-Jewish religion have

pointed out, that Jesus is only sparsely mentioned,

or better Jesus is not mentioned at all

in contemporary writings.

This indicates that the Jesus movement was not known around 50AD.


Also scholars and experts in ancient Greek writings

say the same, Jesus is not mentioned at all

in the thousands of Greek writings of that time.

Same conclusion.


Also the Syrian writings, very important at the time,

don't mention the Jesus movement..

On the other hand the Messiah expectation

was very deep rooted and there writings from 100BC until much later..


Several movements at that time around the year 0AD (and even now)

are expecting the rebirth of the Menachem.

We know that the Essenes were also waiting for

the rebirth of their great teacher.

I pointed this out on my page

about the Parakletos.




I also pointed out on this webpage the existence of a Christian temple

in ancient Egypt around 800BC, of which the remnants are now drowned

in the artificial lake of the Assuan dam.



I also pointed out on this webpage that

the Crusaders found around 1100AD

on Mount Carmel an ancient Christian community

claiming to exist since the year 800BC.

It seems that the Crusaders brought this community over to Europe.



John the Baptist


The church of John the Baptist is mentioned

in the New Testament. This proofs the importance of

the John the Baptist movement. It could not be ignored.

The John the Baptist church was a pre-Jesus movement

and an after Jesus movement.

In fact it was one of the main churches of that time period.

Also the New Testament emphasises that John the Baptist came first.

Many parts of the New Testament are originally coming

from the John the Baptist church.


In the New Testament John the Baptist

is very much put down as a person lower in rank than Jesus.

This pattern of putting down is followed in the New Testament

also for the priestess Mary Magdalene, for the priestess Helena,

for Simon Magus, for Apollos the pre-Christian preacher and others.


The John the Baptist church was an international church,

with female and male priests,

recognizing the female aspect of God.


The wife of John the Baptist was Anya, or Anna or Anhar.

Well known is that Anna was the mother of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

So Jesus probably was a grandson of John the Baptist.


Salome, the daughter of king Herodes, was a follower of Jesus.

We know from the New Testament and from Josephus,the famous writer,

áthat Salome played an important part in the killing

of John the Baptist.


In the New Testament it is as if that Jesus was the successor

of John the Baptist.

This is not true.

The first successor of John the Baptist was


Dositheus has also a group of fowers lateron, with scriptures and all.

The second successor of John the Baptist was

Simon Magus,

accompanied by his female priestess Helena.

We know that the successor of Simon Magus as head of

the John the Baptist church was Menander.


In the Western world the John the Baptist church was much

bigger and powerful then official church history tells us.


Very likely the large and internationally organized Mani church

was also a John the Baptist church.

The so-called Christian Church was only a small minority

until they did sent out the heresy hunters

and later the Roman soldiers.


The church of the Mandaeans


The church of the Mandaeans originates from 400BC

and very probably before that time.

This church was still exists in Iraq and West-Iran,

and is spreading over the world out of fear.


John the Baptist is seen in the Mandaean church

as the greatest of all.

Also this Mandaean church has lines towards

the female aspect of God,

certainly also by having female and male priests.


Many of the Mandaean prayers and hymns can be found:



Many of the Mandaean writings:


The Mandean church was much related with the Nazoreans.

One of their main cities in Iraq is Nasirija.


The Mandaean church has been of great influence upon

the present day Christian churches. Reading their scriptures

feels like coming home in the house of a good relative.


Saint Augustine was many years a member of the Mandaean church

and in that line a follower of John the Baptist.


The Mandeans reckon themselves to originate from

the ancient Egyptian religion.



Paul the apostle


In the New Testament we find many letters of Paul.

We also know the story of his sudden and miraculous

conversion to Christianity.

He saw the Light near Damascus and was blinded by it.

He had to escape from Damascus in a basket

and stayed three years among the Christians in Arabia.

In ancient Christianity Light played an importent role.


There is much reason to think that Paul was also a pre-Jesus preacher.

His writings were being edited into the New Testament

changing the essence into the new way of believing..


2 Corinthians 4:4

But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:

In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not,

lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.


"The god of this world" meant for Paul himself being an ancient Christian

a very serious indication of things happening.

Also "Christ" was in the thinking of the ancient Christians

ánot the same as Jesus, although very much related.

Also was used the word "Chrestos", which means the Good one.

A difference was made between Jesous, Christos and Nazorean.


At this point I should also mention the ancient

churches of Egypt and Ethiopia.

The Coptic church of Egypt and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahedo Church

are certainly very important pre-Jesus churches.

The traditions and scriptures of these churches

will be and has been an inspiration for the Christian churches.




Apollonius was world famous.

He lived from 2 BC until 102 AD.

He was so famous that his life story was

written down on behalf of the Roman court.

This writing was well known in the time of the New Testament writers.

Apollonius was a Samaritan and a pre-Jesus Christian.

He was a therapist, a healer, a worker of miracles.

His miracles are largely the same as the Jesus miracles.


Even in Roman times it was already discussed,

whether elements of the life description of Appollonius

could have given shape to the Jesus miracles in the gospels.

(There are very precise and reliable analyses word by word

áhow the gospels were put together from other writings.)


Personally I think that the book about Apollonius was used

in writing the New Testament.

For the New Testament writers the book about Appolonius was available

since this book was written around 250 AD.


I think it is possible that the preacher "Apollos"

in the Acts of the apostles is this same Apollonius.

See the New Testament Acts 18:24

If not, then this Apollos is certainly connected with the John the Baptist church.



The church of the Nosairi


In Syria exists a small community

wich also seems to be a pre-Christian church.

They worship a female goddess and have services on the top of a mountain.

They honor the Light by drinking sacramental wine.

For this they use a holy chalice, which they call the Holy Grail.

This should be researched more.

A title of John the Baptist the Nosairi church uses, is High King of the Light.


Nag Hammadi Scriptures


In my opinion a parts of the Nag Hammadi sciptures

are originating from pre-Jesus times.


For example:

a beautiful text of the Nag hammadi

is number VI, 2 (which means Codex VI, second writing)

with the intriguing name "Thunder: Perfect Intellect".

This text is absolutely giving us the words of the Goddess.

The similarity with the words of the Goddess in the Old Testament

is not a coincidence. The Goddess was much honored

in the pre-Jesus churches.

See also my page about the Goddess in the Old Testament.




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