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Mount Carmel plays an important role

in Ancient Christianity

Robert has the opinion that Christianity has its roots

in ancient Egyptian religion. Next to the well-known history

of Israel and Western Christian beliefs,

there exist a pattern of secret Christian history and dogma.

Read about the early Christian temple in ancient Egypt

It is difficult to find literature of archeological facts

about Mount Carmel. Mount Carmel is a very important place

for the secret history of Christianity.

Some things we know. Egyptian sailors went to the Lebanon

since ancient times. Consequently there existed

the Hathor religion in the area of Mount Carmel

and to the North of mount Carmel. Remnants of

this Hathor temple have been found.

Mount Carmel lies just South of Haifa.

Mountain tops have always played an important part

in the Moses-Aaron-Mirjam religion. So have the calf

(which is a cow of less then three years old) and the snake

around the staff and the moon crescent also played

an important role in the ancient Hebrew and early Christian religion.

The calf and the snake are Egyptian symbols of the goddess.

Lebanon was during millenniums part of the Egyptian empire.


Ofcourse the mystery of the place of Baalbek springs

into mind, so does also the place of Ugarit. Some authors

have the opinion that the book of the Death of the Egyptians

(Going forth by day) has to do with Baalbek

as one of the places where a communication device

(piramidion) was present. Anyway the ties between ancient Egypt

and Lebanon were close.

Another fact is that on Mount Carmel two temples

were in existence at the same time.

One temple was the temple of Baal,

the original pre-christian religion. The other temple was

the temple of El. After being coexistant for who knows how long,

there starts a temple war. The priests of El

start at a certain moment to kill the priests and priestesses of Baal.

About the Baal temple we don't know much,

because the Baal temple was destroyed

together with the Baal believers.

There are reasons to believe that the Baal religion

has been the continuation of the Moses-Aaron-Mirjam religion,

as it was brought out of ancient Egypt with the Exodus.

The leader of the temple war was a prophet Eli

who later became a prominent leader of the El religion.

It is from this area again that the written alphabet

took over from the oral tradition of holy scripture.

Between the years 900 to 600 BC it is almost sure

that many religious movements worldwide started

to write down their ancient oral tradition of holy scriptures.

One of those movements were the tribes of Judah and Levi

of the El-Jehovah religion.

Since the El-Jehovah priests were the first to write down

what has been in the oral tradition of the Hebrew tribes

for at that time maybe two thousand years, they also changed the text

and stories into their way of thinking

as followers of the El-Jehovah religion. This does not make

their achievement less valuable, but it is something

that happened at that time and area. The writing down

of the oral tradition was completed somewhere

with the return of the exiled Hebrew people

coming back from the exile in Babylon, around 620 BC.

This is not a value statement of the rightness

of one religion or the other, just that

the history of religion is complex and very much influenced

and rewritten by the mainstream movements within a religious movement.

The former Moses-Aaron-Mirjam religion was written

out of the Hebrew scriptures of the Old Testament and

the El-Jehovah religion was written into those scriptures.

It seems that around 600 BC the kingdom of Judah

brought a major destructive strike to the old Moses religion

by destroying the main temple of the old religion,

as it is written in the Old Testament.

Despite all destruction the Baal temple on Mount Carmel

seems to have survived for a thousand years.

Later sources seem to indicate that this Baal temple

became a monastery and stayed in existance to play

a major role in the conservation of ancient pre-christian literature.

Mount Carmel was one of the centers of Christian tradition

long before the NT-groups pushed forward the Jesus tradition

and destroyed all non-NT Christian settlements.

Certain is again that the crusaders found on Mount Carmel

an ancient Christian monastery that claimed to be

in existance on that same place since 800 BC,

since times before the temple war with the El-temple.

In the turmoil of the crusade wars the belongings

of this Mount Carmel monastery were brought to Europe.

Through this monastery one of the knight orders of Europe

found their inspiration. Even so this monastery on Mount Carmel

was the original start of the Orders of the Carmel.

The Carmelites are also today a much respected religious order.

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ancient christianity

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