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Index page of the Tarot Pages



Robert is using the Tarot cards as a means

to understand psychic impressions.


Tarot cards are very precise in their outcome,

even more precise then the pendulum

or the dowsing rods and the Lecher antenna.


Robert will gradually have more and more

Tarot pages in

To bring those pages together Robert made this

Index page of the Tarot Pages.







Robert always uses the Rider-Waite cards

designed by Pamela Colman Smith.

She finished designing her cards

on November 19, 2009.

These cards are almost 100 years in use!

The Rider Waite Tarot cards are copyrighted:

©1971 U.S. Games


As always both Robert and Susan are stating

their own opinions, founded upon research,

study and visiting the area.

Although we are combining scientific research

 with spiritual intuition we state only our opinions.


What you do with our opinions is your own choice.

Even when we have the opinion that things or procedures

are healthy or not healthy

and/or dangerous or not dangerous,

and/or good or evil,

it is only our personal opinion we are stating.

Certainly we have no intention to insult anybody.


We don’t accept any responsibility or liability

regarding our opinions and/or the content of this website. comes from the Netherlands


The majority of images and pictures (98 percent and more)

is originally made by Robert and Susan.

All text is originally made by Robert and Susan.


Regarding the other materials on the website,

we have the approval of the owners.

If you think we have used a doubtful element

in our website and you are able to state

the copyright of that element, please let us know

and we will take that element out of our website without delay.

We want to respect everyones copyright,

as we expect to be respected by you.


Unless explicitly specified otherwise,

this page and all other pages of are

Copyright© 2002-2009 by Robert and Susan at

Any use of text, images, layout, format, look,

or feel of these pages, without the written permission

of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited.
All Rights Reserved.



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