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Saint Adelberts Field


Around the year 690 the Irish missionaries entered Europe

to bring Christianity to the believers of the original religion.

At the mouth of an ancient river was the Heiloo situated,

the Holy Forest of the Goddess.

Here was their landingplace in the middle of the Frisian empire.

Very probably the rising nobility of the Holland county

asked them to land in this Heiloo area as an weapon against the Frisian emperor.


Since ancient times the Heiloo area was an important centre of the Goddess religion.

(Some people say this was a place of the German god Wodan.

This is unlikely since the Mary veneration is very strong in the Heiloo Church.)

See also our Visit of Heiloo webpage.


The goddes centre existed of the two Healing Wells.

The Holy Forest.

At least two Goddess temples.

Maybe more. Much is destroyed. Except for...


The Healing Well of the Goddess is still there through all centuries.

Saint Adelbert was buried next to this healing well of the Goddess.

Did he hope for a miracle?

At least it means he respected this holy place.



The method of these missionaries is known:

they destroyed holy places of the old religion and did build

their own places of reverence upon the fundamentals of the destroyed places.



Saint Adelbert, one of the friends of Saint Willibrord the conqueror

of "heathen" Europe, did build his church upon the Goddess temple.

Because of the overwhelming numbers of believers that kept coming for the Healing Well,

the Well always stayed in the choir of the church of Saint Adelbert.

Around 740 Adelbert died and was buried next to the Well,

where his body stayed until 922, when the Count Dirk of Holland

brought his remains to the Abbey nearby.

The day of the procession bringing the bones of Saint Adelbert

from the Well to the Abbey

is still honored on June 15 every year.

On June 28 (or the Sunday before June 28) a mass is held at this place.

Very likely these happenings are remains of the old Goddess religion.


On the field a small chapel is existing, probably dating from 1928.

Flowers and candles are brought here by believers.


The wooden church built by Saint Adelbert was replaced

by a stone little church in 1113AD. The stone church was destroyed in 1573AD

by the protestant troops in the Freedom War against the Habsburg empire.

Although the Well was condemned by the Protestants and the

church destroyed and the remains of Adelbert brought elsewhere,

the believers kept coming daily to the Healing Well.

This open field was named Saint Adelberts Field.


In 1928 the fundamentals of the ancient church were outlined,

like it is now.


This ancient place is in decay.

Only in April of 2008AD the place was declared a monument.

The foundation Stichting Adelbertusakker is looking

for donations on postgiro 145720 to bring the place in order.



Isn't this place remarkable?

During unknown ages the Goddess Temple was here.

The Healing Well existing for more then 1400 years?

Abandoned by the officials, believers daily coming in

for the Healing Well literally through the milleniums?

The place of residence and burial place of Saint Adelbert.

Here he lived for 50 years.

At this place in the year 750AD the Viking king came

for a pelgrimage to the Goddess but found everything destroyed.

Still he stayed with the Healing Well for a while.



Also you are welcome to drink the healing water.

The Field is open every day of the week.

The Well doesnt look very optimal,

but the healing water is safe to drink.

A holy place of the Goddess.


Also the holy place of Saint Adelbert.

While Saint Adelbert was buried here next to the Well from 741 until 922

many miracles happened upon his grave.



Welcome in one of the most holy places of the Netherlands.




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