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What is New in 2006

Robert and Susan are developing and editing

our almost daily.


New pages and improvements in 2006:


December 31



Spiritual note of Robert


December 27



Many pages with Spiritual Notes of Robert are being renewed

Robert's Office

December 26



Pictures in Robert's office

In memoriam of Ruud Hille

December 16



Spirit Place 42

Amsterdam: the Waag at night

December 11



The Ley Line Group visited ancient Utrecht

Ancient energies in Utrecht,


December 07



Some notes on

the forgotten holy woman:

Sister Bertken

from Utrecht

December 06



Susan message about Saint Nicolas

Sint Nicolaas


November 29



Spirit Place 41

Utrecht Domplein

November 28



Spirit Place 40

Utrecht at night

November 14



Ashtavakra Samhita building up

Chapter 2

Chapter 7

Chapter 11

November 07



Chapter 1 re-edited.

Ashtavakra Samhita chapter 01

November 07



The new Ashavakra Samhita index

Ashtavakra Samhita

November 07



The new Avaita Vedanta introduction

Advaita Vedanta

November 07



New additions to Advaita literature

Advaita Vedanta Literature

November 01



We welcome our 125,000th reader

See the birthday page

November 01



New important Susan message

Micro Credits


October 16



We welcome our readers of the 94th country

See the birthday page

October 10



All 2476 internal links have been checked

All 122 external links have been checked.

October 08



New Goddess page about:


October 02



Susan message


Mahatma Gandhi


September 26



The heather where the road of grave hills ends

Spirit Place 39:

Vaassen Kroondomein

September 26



The new expedition of the Ley Line Group

The ancient rows of grave hills between Vaassen and Epe

September 21



Rain in the lake surrounding the ancient castle

Spirit Place 38:


September 20



The mysterious square in Montreal as wall paper

Spirit Place 37:

where the original cathedral was built

September 20



Zutphen, ancient city and capital of the ancient government

Spirit Place 36:

the city mote of Zutphen

September 12



The equinox will be soon:

Autumnal equinox

September 09



Free books added to the Library


September 03



The Library has reopened again!



August 27



All 2375 internal links checked

All 121 external links checked

August 08



A new picture in robert's office.


August 07

Successfull searching page updated.

Successfull searching

August 07

Overview of Spirit Places 21 to 30 has been added.

Overview of Spirit Places 21 to 30

August 06

Added the Top Six of Popular Spirit Places

Most Popular Spirit places

August 04

Spirit Place 35



Haarlem, windmill at the Spaarne river

August 03



Susans message:

Call for Peace

Please Call Me By My True Names

August 02



Specially for webmasters linking towards

Information page for webmasters


July 29

1600pix was added for the Karnak

Spirit Place 32

Spirit Place 32 large format

July 27

Castle of doornenburg again


Spirit Place 34 Castle of Doornenburg Overview

July 25

New research on ancient Christianity

Christianity before Jesus

July 21

Special list of Spirit Places


Spirit Places in Canada and USA

July 12

Castle of Doornenburg place of power

Spirit Place 33: Castle of Doornenburg sideways

July 11

The successfull search page was upgraded

June 2005 till June 2006

July 11

All 1631 internal links have been checked

Site map

July 11

All 118 external links have been checked

Link pages

July 09

Complete revision of the study on Magdalene Mary

Mary the Magdalene

July 07



New research upon Hodos and upon the Bridal Chamber

Ancient Christianity:


July 06

New Page about Ancient Christianity

Initiation in Ancient Christianity

July 06



Much asked for!

the new ritual

Summer Solstice Ritual

July 05

Susan is heralding the spiritual project:

Firing the Grid

July 05

New Goddess page:



Mother Child Divinity


June 24

Developing the New Spirituality


Basic Explanation

June 14


Susan on the summer solstice


happy summer solstice

June 13


Improved important page


The Lecher Antenna

June 12



New Goddess page

Excursion to the Tankenberg


May 14

The updating of always goes on.

The Atlantis Ring Journal is updated thoroughly.

May 10

Peace and Remembrance:

Never Again.

Dolphin of Peace

May 08

Robert Office Notice Board


Wilhelmus anthem of the Netherlands

May 07

New message of Susan


Mary in the Month of May

May 07

New series:

Dimension Gateways

wall papers

Dimension Gateway 01 Keukenhof Lisse


April 17

Robert and Susan pictured the Solse gat in springtime

Solse Gat in springtime

April 15

New links on 78 rpm records in MP3


Link page to 78rpm and wax cylinders

April 15

Many additions to the Four popes page


Four blessed popes


April 13

New link page towards 78rpm

and wax cylinders

free MP3

Link page to 78rpm and wax cylinders

April 13

The upper link page is renewed


general links of interest

April 09

Recently the gospel of judas has been found in the Coptic language

First comment on the gospel of Judas

April 09

Susan message on a healthy world


Health Organisations

April 01

Succesful searches on home2b.nlá

updated with the March searches

Information page successful searches


March 26



Our Fourth Birthday

Thank You

The Fifth year of existence page

March 23

The Amen temple in Karnak


Spirit Place 32

Amen temple procession road

March 22

The Spirit Place pages were all updated in the new structure

For example:

Spirit Placesáá 10-20

March 20

New Spirit Place:

the entrance of the chapel

Spirit Place 31 Kevelaer

March 19

Improvements June till September 2005 in Archive Page

What is New Archive 2005

March 19

For easier maintenance Spirit Places changed directory

Spirit Place Archive Two

March 18

New Goddess page



The Goddess in Christianity


March 15

All external links have been verified.

Link page

March 15

Many new links in the Occult Page and other link pages

Link page for Occult and Magick of West and East

March 12

Adding information to the Oahu Visit page

Goddess Page on the Oahu Visit

March 12

Susan is calling out EARTH DAY


the History of Earth Day

March 02

New Susan message for renewal and balance

Vernal Equinox


February 24

New secret history page

Secret history of the MOON.


February 24

The Pilgrim Fathers left from Leiden, Netherlands in 1620

Memorial Tablets for the Pilgrim Fathers and those who died in exile.

February 14

Added a new information page with successful searches on

Successful searches

February 08

All external links have been checked.

Link page 2006

February 08

Renewal of the Dutch "Straling in Huis" brochure


February 07



15 pages remade and updated in the continuous renewal of

Oldest editing date is now August 18, 2005

February 01

New Susan message

about Health

Vitamin C and heart health



January 22

Brochures of Robert's workshop


January 16

Leiden University

main buildings


Robert's degree in Physics (and Mathematics)

January 09

For optimal download time the index page was edited.

Read about our design on the information board

January 06

The Academy of Hardewijk, of Boerhaave and Linnaeus

Spirit Place 30

January 02



New directory structure starting to be implemented

Read about our design on the information board

January 01


New Spirit Place 29 of Amsterdam


Spirit Place 29:

Amsterdam Waterlooplein and Staalstraat


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