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Hodos the Way.


Hodos is an ancient Greek word which means The Way.

In the New Testament Jesus says "I am the Way".

What did he mean to say?

Where is the Way?

How can we follow the Way?

What did ancient Christians believe about the Way?



This is the most important temple of ancient Egypt,

the Amen temple.

Also it is the most ancient temple in the world.

Twice this temple has been rebuild to come into line

with the star systems again.

This fact could point easily to 8000 years of use,

from 7500 BC to 500 AD.


Here we see the Hodos directly in front of us

from the entrance at the border of the Nile

directly aiming at the Holy of Holiest.

This Way was aiming in straight line to certain star systems.

Following the Way meant entering the realm of the Soul.


Following this Way a deceased person was launched

to the star systems in a mystical manner.

Also a soul being reborn into a body came down

along this Way to reincarnate.


"The garments of life were given to man, because he knows the Way

by which he will leave". NHC III, 5, 139


"When what is alive leaves what is dead, what is alive

will be called upon" NHC III, 5, 140


"Whatever is born of truth does not die" NHC III, 5, 140


Judas said: Tell me Lord, what the beginning of the Way is.

The Savior said: Love and Goodness" NHC III, 5, 142


The Savior said: "When I came, I opened the Way and

I taught them about the passage which they will traverse" NHC III, 5, 120


In the ancient Egyptian writings this Way

is well documented. This Hodos was

the center of the ancient Egyptian religion.

Even the Roman Empire rebuilt parts of this

temple to bring the Hodos again in line with the stars.

This Hodos, the Way, was well known by everybody of that time

and was a gathering place for the crowded pelgrimages.


After death the ancient Egyptian knew

about the Way they had to follow.

It is described in the book

"Coming forth by day"

also called the Book of the Dead.

Somehow the ancient Egyptian tradition of the deceased

travelling through the realm of the dead

has gone over into the ancient Christian believe system.

The Straight Way as a holy passage.


In the ancient religions the straight way was

áan essential element of religion.

The megalithic civilization did built large stones

along straight lines for hundreds of kilometers,

along the so-called ley lines.


In Europe funeral roads followed straight paths

across meadows, through rivers, towards the burying place.

Those funeral roads were not used for any other purpose

besides the funerals of the bodies of village people.

Many of these funeral roads are well documented.


Without any doubt these funeral roads

played a essential part in the reincarnation process of the deceased.

The Gospels in the New Testament

give a description of the Way of Jesus.


The writers of the New Testament were writing

centuries after the time of Jesus.

Their knowledge of Palestine was minimal.

Their purpose in bringing the Gospels as they are,

was to describe the Way, the Hodos, of Jesus

from his start following the Way until his resurrection.

The Gospel of Marcus opens with the prophecy of Jesaiah

"make straight the Way of king".

My opinion is that the Gospels were roadbooks

used to follow the Hodos, the road of reincarnation.

That is why the Gospels are giving the way

of Jesus from the start of his Road

towards his death and resurrection.

Following his Road until he was reborn.

The same mystical Road is open for believers.

Bridal Chamber


The bridal chamber is an important element of the Way.

My opinion based upon research is,

that the Bridal Chamber is the holy of holies,

the centre of the temple.

Also the procession road in the Amen temple

(see the picture above)

was aiming straight towards the holy of holies.

Above the holy of holies were the stars

where the deceased was mystically aiming for.

The ancient Way


By erasing every memory of the ancient Christians

there also was no development of believes.

What they believed as true words,

never became a part of our thinking.

Many ancient Christians believed that the Way

had to go along seven guards along the Way.

To pass them by safely could be done

by magic, by calling upon the savior and by initiation.

After passing by the seven guard the Soul entered

the Paradise (Ogdoade).

From there the Road went into the Enneade.

At last the Soul entered the Kingdom, the Pleroma.

Who was not able to pass one of the seven guards

had to return along the Way, the Hodos,

for the next reincarnation, the next life to live..


Jesus is explaining in the language and culture of that time,

the secret Truth of death and resurrection.

Certainly his explanation also refers to

reincarnation and certain star systems,

well known in his time by the believers of his time.

This Hodos was meant for the initiated believers.

The ancient Egyptian believer was following this road

for thousands of years.


The procession road through the Amen temple

is also available as wall paper.


Go to the Hodos wall paper.



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