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Solse Gat in spring time.


In springtime trees are without leaves.

Rain has been falling.

Snow has been melting.

This makes the Solse Gat very different in springtime.


Water is in the lower parts of the Solse Gat.

The vortex has pulled a big branch from the trees.

Energies are are all around.


The rain has made pools everywhere,

where through scrying or mirroring

powers are visible.


In spring there is no growth in the lower parts.

The energies are not restricted by heavy forest growth.


Rare North South picture

In summertime this view is impossible,

because of heavy branches and reeds growing.


The trees are very much influenced by the powers

of the vortex and have a difficult life,

when growing on the wrong places.


A couple of ducks breeding in the Solse Gat!

The fertility powers of this place

are visible in these birds.


Everywhere around the Solse Gat the energies

are intense. Although the forests are dark

and silent, every picture we made is filled with light.

The energies are without boundaries.


The energies are also very different.

The water draws the energies into its mass.

The feelings of dimension gateways are spread out,

so the place where to measure is farther back

áfrom this temporary lake.



A local inhabitant of the village told us,

while we walked around the Solse Gat,

that North of the Solse Gat

many people have died in World war II.

These people were mainly Resistance fighters

against the German occupation.

Big primitive underground cellars were made at that time.

Along the paths and in between the trees

regularly human remains are being unearthed.

Of course the human remains are identified and

respectfully taken care of.



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