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Vitamin C and Heart Health



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Vitamin C and Heart Health


One of the leading causes of death in the world is

heart disease. It takes hundreds of thousand of people

each year. But did you know that there is a famous doctor

that discovered that vitamin C can keep

the human heart healthy and reverse heart disease.



In 1953 Canadian physician G. C. Willis proposed

the theory that Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

is related to a deficiency of vitamin C.

He found that atherosclerotic plaques form

over vitamin-C-starved vascular tissues

in both guinea pigs and human beings.



There are different types of cholesterols.

The most well known are LDL which is often

called the bad cholesterol and

HDL which is known as the good cholesterol.

But in 1964 the Lp(a) cholesterol molecule was discovered

and this is this molecule that is blocking the heart's arteries

when one has heart problems and

not LDL which was thought to be the problem.



Linus Pauling was a chemist who lived to the age of 97.

He won 2 unshared Nobel prizes, one for Peace and one for Science.

He discovered that heart disease was a chronic form of scurvy

(a disease marked by spongy gums, loosening of the teeith

and a bleeding into the skiná and muscous membranes and

caused by a lack of Vitamin C,

sailors long ago had this disease).



Linus Pauling and his associate Matthias Rath

formulated a unified theory of heart disease and invented a cure.

Since the cholesterol Lp(a) binds or sticks

to the walls of heart arteries, they had to come up

with something that inhibites or interferes

áwith this binding or sticking.

Vitamin C and lysine (and proline) in large amounts

become just the Lp(a) binding inhibitor

that restores healthy movement of body fluids

and are patented to destroy atherosclerotic plaques.



Plaques are abnormal fatty deposits on an artery.

áThey form there because the blood vessels are injured

or weakened and would rupture or leak

causing internal bleeding and death

if the plaque was not there. So the plaque is the body's bandaid

or support for the artery.

However if the plaque continues to pile-up,

it will eventually block the blood flow from the heart.



Vitamin C is the body's natural inhibitor

without destroying the liver. However the dosage has to be high.

If the dosage is too low than the body offsets

this defect by making more cholesterol.



Collagen must be replenished for blood vessels

to remain healthy and plaque free.

áHumans use up vitamin C while producing collagen.

áVitamin C, and the amino acids lysine and proline,

are the fundamental building blocks of collagen.



In 1991, Pauling and his collegue Dr. Rath found

our how and why Lp(a) binds to heart arteries

creating plaque and found a way to turn this off

thereby controlling heart disease.



Many animals produce their own Vitamin C in mega amounts

(9,000mg to 12,000mg adjusted for body weight)

but humans cannot do this.

Therefore they have to supplement vitamin C in huge dosages.

Linus Pauling himself took 18,000 mg of vitamin C daily.

He lived to be 97.


The Pauling mega-vitamin/amino acid therapy increases

blood concentrations of important substances

to strengthen and heal the blood vessels,

álower Lp(a) blood levels and keep La(a) levels low

and inhibits the sticking of Lp(a) to blood vessel walls.



It is important that vitamin C is allowed to be taken

in mega doses to support a healthy heart or heal a diseased one.

It is important that this news about the benefits of vitamin C

is announced in the major medias,

because they should be interested in keeping people healthy.



Doctors need to find out about this possibility.

They have so much literature to read in order to keep up

with the latest research.

There are several websites which point to the work of

áDr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Mathias Rath.

Bring them to the attention to those

who can benefit from this good news

and to those good doctors who care enough to heal people.




I wish you a healthy heart

filled with Love.


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