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Miracles Happen

We fired the Grid on July 17, 2007


Our Challenge


Our world is in a state of chaos.


From the damaged eco-system to homeless people to


overcrowded prisons to the sick, damaged, hungry


and dying people.


Our beloved Earth can no longer filter out all of the


pollutants continually bestowed upon her.


Our oceans are changing, war is fizzling, present or looming,


and fanaticism and greed are rampant.



How can we stop this madness?




How many of us hope and pray and wish for


a solution to all of these problems?


There is a woman who proposes a solution, a way to help


and bring about a better world.



God or your name for God


Many people have different ways of referring to God.


Some call God the Prime Creator, Divine Creator, Divinity,


Great Spirit, The Source, Divine Love, Consciousness, All That


Is, Love, mother earth or Gaia, Grandfather or Grandmother,


The Universe and of course translations into your own


language. Substitute your own here.



Open your Heart - Please



First before you read this narrative,


I ask you to open you heart


to the possibility of miracles.




Misery to Miracle


Shelley Yates is a normal everyday woman. She once believed


that God or the Creative Divine Spirit had


forgotten her.


She had prayed to God as a child but felt no connection.


One day she was driving to a friend's with her young son


and her car was swept into a bog and


she found the car submerging in water.


She could not open the electric windows


And felt her lungs breathing in water.


Then she heard a voice which directed her to relax


and not fight the water.


She was told what would happen and


that everything would be alright


if she would just follow the instructions given to her.




She let go and went to the other side.


On the other side she saw beings of light who assured her that


she and her son would be fine


if she did as they told her to do.



The rescuers used CPR to revive her and


she directly told them to get her baby from the car.


They did and took him to the nearest childrens hospital where


he was hooked up to machines to keep him alive.



A team of doctors told her that her little boy was brain dead


and there was nothing more they could do for him.á


She heard a voice telling her to have faith.


But the doctors advised her to unplug her boy as even if a


miracle happened, he would be like a vegatable.


Again she heard the voice saying to have faith.


She got the doctors to keep her son on life support.


When she was alone, she was instructed to rebuild his aura


by infusing his body body with the auras of others.



This was to happen for 20 minutes at a time.


So she paraded loving people through the boy's room


and had them deposit their own energy field


and love into his body by touching him


and allowing their energy to run through his body.


Then they were to share their "gift" with the boy,


such as singing, telling a story, etc.á á


This happened 24 hours a day for 3 days.


After 72 hours of this, her boy opened his eyes


and recognized his mother.



Doctors told her that he would never walk, talk or be normal.


but within a week the boy recovered all his body functions


and was running down the halls to play.



Shelly wanted to go home and forget the whole thing


but the light beings were not finished with her.


The light beings continued to speak to her


and want her to give a message to hunanity


which is now out of control.



The Message to Us



WE have inside of us the power to unite this planet


as one family.


We have lost our true connection to God.


When we combine with the loving energy of others,


we can do for this planet what Shelley and


her friends did for her son.


We can revive Earth and heal her


to bring a time of peace for all.


It will take our intention as a united group


and one hour of time.




One Hour of our Time


Unite humanity from every courner of the globe,


representatives from every corner are to fire the divine


energy system of this planet.



Your intention to make it happen


can change the outcome of this planet.


So we fired the Earth grid on July 17, 2007



One hour of your time and you can help heal this planet,


and help create peace among all people.


Shelley and her son are examples of the power of Love


and positive energy.



Love is the infinite language.




A Plan


United we will reset Mother Earth with


a bio-electric "SURGE OF LOVE" from humanity.


We do this by sitting in meditation simultaneously


to fire the Grid for one hour.


In this way, we will unite the globe and


connect all the regions of the earth simultaneously.


This will unite our souls in love, peace, harmony and


collective cooperation for a better world for our people,


today and in the future.



Fire the Grid


These light beings use the term "fire the grid"


when they speak about energizing humanity


with divine power.



What We Will Do



The beings of light say by firing the grid


it will pulse healing energy into the center of the earth


and regenerate the core, or the heart of the planet.


This will work just as it did for Shelley's son.


We will give the gift of true intention, our individuality


and our healing energy.


As we pour our living energy into the Earth,


the collective energy will regenerate our beloved planet.


As we human antennas unite to rebuild our planet's grid,


then the natural flow of energy between us and God, God and


the Earth, and from person to person will be restored.



The How and When


It happened at

July 17, 2007 at 11:11 Greenwich Mean Time.


Please spread this message to friendly and loving people


in as many countries as you can.


During this time, for ONE COMPLETE HOUR, sit quietly and


mediate or pray or say an affirmation and


send your gift of love into our beloved planet Earth.






A unity of humans with ONE intention - to heal our planet


and awaken our souls to our true propose,


to become ONE with our Source of Light.


We are humans becoming the catalyst to the healing of earth.


You are important as an individual,




WE are a very powerful source of creative energy.


áWe will help multiply the faith of each other


as it increases exponentially.


As all of us God-sparks unite,


we will fire the grid to perfect healing.



This will demonstrate the love and the faith we feel


áfor the goodness of the planet and ourselves, her dwellers,


the Earth stewards.



Whether you are from one of the organised religions, a new age


light worker or a fence sitter, you are indeed needed now for


this project for the greater good.


And you yawners who believe in either nothing or various


things. I ask you to suspend disbelief and make room for a


belief in the possibility that something unexplained and


joyful can happen if we all just band together


even if it's only for the fact that


they don't want us to do this.


Join us and do it anyway.



If You Want Music



If you want, you may use the music of Bradfield and Anael


as the frequency of the song "Sky Sent" will facilitate


the opening of the soul and


help with the frequency adjustment.


It is available for free at the Fire the Grid website.



Calling Out


We are calling out to the universe to say


that the Earth has people who care.


Let us show the Divine Creator that there are enough of us


who want to evolve and reach our potential.






As this miracle of love saved Shelley's boy,


So shall we create a miracle to fire the grid


uplifting our world and ourselves.


We welcome God's love.


By participating we co-create a better world together.






We each bring our own perspective to every situation.


We can choose to see a glass as half full or half empty.


Likewise we can choose to see this project as something


positive or not.


This is based on how we feel inside.


Likewise we can discard this project or see it


as an opportunity


to help and build a new world,


a world of peace and prosperity and harmony for all.



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