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Affirmation for 2006


Prayer for World Healing Day December 31st

Join in with the World Healing Day

December 31st


Susan points the way to a peaceful Solstice feast

Happy Solstice

December 21, 18:30 GMT

New ways of thinking about Christmas time


Divine Intervention


Discrimination of our Age


Coming Full Moons:

Western Europe:


December 15; 17:15h

January 14; 10:48h

February 13; 05:44h



December 15; 11:15h

January 14; 04:48h

February 12; 23:44h

Read how to do the FULL MOON RITUAL

Don't miss the powerful moon energy of the Goddess!!

Read about our activities in the Netherlands.


Read about Saint Nicolas or Sinterklaas

Who is this ancient God of the original religion?


Differences between the ancient Egyptian civilization and Christianity

Christianity is not just the follow-up

of Egyptian religion. It is something new,

although much older then what the church makes us believe.


What really happened in the time of Jesus

Making the complex situation more transparant.


Important study on Mary Magdalene

Who were these women next to Jesus?


The original religion of Western Europe

Read about Jana and Jannus

Robert's Spirit Place Wallpapers

Spirit Place 27: Kampen City Gate


Music changes Space-Time


The Lecher antenna


Parallel Universes


Reverse the future


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Planet Shift Soon

We are all humans becoming.


My heart goes out to you

Let's remember people living in disaster areas.


Help me with your affirmation


Herbs are healers


Sun Sun Shine on Me!


Focus and Create

Don't let Love be buried in the snow.


Happy Thanksgiving! message


Susan and Robert feel more and more worried

about unwanted radiation in the daily environment.

From all sides you and us are influenced by radiation sources.

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Some of the Goddess Pages:


The goddess place of Kevelaer, Germany


The Solse Gat


Energy lines at the Hunneschans


The Spirit Place Number 14 is the Solse Gat


The Goddess at Kailua, Oahu



Ancient Places of the Goddess


The secret history of Ocean water


Spirit Place 26: tiny village of Zalk at the river IJssel


The dating of ancient Egypt


Spirit Place: Amen temple at Karnak

the biggest and longest used temple in the world

where Christianity originates from.

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Link page for Pacific History


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Ancient Christianity


The cross symbol and the Amen Karnak temple


Christianity started around 2050 before Christ



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January 3


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February 16

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