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Divine Intervention


The state of the world as I write this,

is not one of love, health, freedom, and prosperity for all!

None of us really wants to live a life

without any of these necessities.

It seems like others are orchestrating a negative scenerio

for those that they deem less worthy. Many feel helpless.

Even when some speak up or sign petitions,

it seems there is little or no change.


There is a group of people and they did an experiment.

They had a large group of people meditate on peace

together at the same time for a specific period of time.

The results were that crime went down drastically

for the duration of this meditation.




So let's get more and more people to do this.

So let's do this more and more often.

So let's get the attention of the media on this.


And if we can't get the attention

of the main-stream media on this, let us start new media.

Yes, the internet is a good start but

why don't we extend this into print media and

get it going first at a local level

then national and international.


Let's all visualize and pray for equal rights for all.

Let's all visualize and pray for prosperity for all.

Let's all visualize and pray for perfected bodies for all.

Let's all visualize and pray for love for all.

Let's all visualize and pray for peace for all.

Let's all visualize and pray for proper housing for all.

Full Moons are Everywhere


I propose that we do this at every full moon

áduring the year. Every country has a full moon

and sees a full moon.

Let us imagine that this moon

which we are all seeing is the image

that links us all together.

When it is full, either at the exact time of the full moon

or at some time during the day of the full moon

when it is convient, we all visualize and

pray for a world restored to full balance

where everyone truly has a good and happy life

which does only more and more good to the planet

and those around us.


I know there are some websites

that promote some of this.

Perhaps we could all promote this on websites,

newsletters, news groups, forums, newspapers,

magazines or whatever media you have access to,

even if it is only a letter to the editor.

White or Silver Armband


Once a month is not too much to ask.

If we make it a habit then perhaps we can put

a white or silver armband around our arm

on the day of the full moon. When others ask

áwhat that is for, we can tell them about

this peace visualization and prayer

during the full moon period.


Please either alone or with others pray

for Divine Intervention for peace, prosperity, balance,

truth, justice and perfected healthy bodies for everyone.

Let go of any negativity you may be holding on to

and let the divine creator take care of things.

Man has interfered for too long and look

what has happened. When we step back and

let a higher Divine Consciousness restore us

all to balance and love, then we will see

who knows better, Divine Creator or man.

It is equally valuable to take responsibility

for your own life, your loved ones or

participating in making the world a better place

through positive peaceful ways.


It is very important that during this time,

you do not pray for some specific event

to happen in the world, especially if you are feeling

anger or any negative emotion.

Monitor yourself care-fully to see

how you are feeling inside.


Make it a Sacred Event



Make it a special sacred event for you

and people close to you.

Start planning well ahead of time.

Agree with others who will participate

what you will do and say together.

In other words, discuss and plan

how your prayer ceremony will unfold.



Check the time of the Full Moon each month


It is imperative that you know exactly

when the time of the Full Moon will be.

There are plenty of websites

where you can research this information.

The library is another place to find the full moon times.

If you get the times for the whole year,

then you will not have to look them up every month.



Full Moon Day


Start preparations early.

Invite everyone to arrive early.

Put out or hand out everything that will make

your Full Moon prayer ceremony special and sacred.

áPerhaps you want to relax the atmosphere

by starting with a song or playing special music.

Start the ceremony about 10 or 15 minutes

before the Full Moon time and continue

for 10 or 15 minutes later.

You may want to end with a song or holding hands.

Whatever you choose, make sure all of the others

are aware of what is going to take place

and that they are comfortable with it.



Remember the Goal is World Harmony


World Harmony means that everyone has enough

to have a good life, a comfortable, healthy life

where people care about each other. When you care for others,

you care for yourself.

We are all One from the same Source.



No matter what spiritual path you follow


This is not about a particular spiritual path.

It is about peace and creating it.

It is about unity and direction.

It is about unrelenting focus and responsibility.

So if you think this is not a part of your religion,

please please reconsider.

It is about love of life and taking responsibility

for making this planet a much better place to be.


If you are already praying or

meditating for peace then why not do it

with a group each full moon.

It is not hurting anyone and hey, it could help.

Try to have an open mind. We have to start somewhere.

áFull moons happen 13 times a year everywhere.



You already mediate for world peace every full moon!


If you do this, great.

Why not take an extra step and meditate for world peace

and harmony during every new moon too.

It can only increase the good energy.


If you meditate for world peace and harmony

every full moon or every full moon

and every new moon, I am proud of you.

You are contributing to the creation of a better world.

Thank you.


In love and light,



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