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Music changes Space-Time

But also:

Space-Time generates music


Reading the Gift of Music message from Susan

I remembered research I did some years ago on the subject of music.

The messages of Susan are inspired by the female divinity,

so I take these messages very seriously.

This gave me the drive to rethink my research and

to write down my point of view.


Our brain is trained to smooth away everything irregular.

This will be the result of surviving

millions of years in the jungle of life.

Making the environment more simple makes

a threat be seen split seconds earlier.

Survival has to faster then the immanent danger popping up out the environment.


Reality is that Space-Time (the space we are living in)

has many irregularities all around us.

Irregularities have a diverse nature.


There are:

power lines; power circles; small holes in space

leading elsewhere; labyrinth like places; dimensional jumps.

These places do influence us and our surroundings.

Ancient nations did honour irregularities by building

chapels, cathedrals, temples, megalithic places, menhirs and

stone galleries upon or around these irregulaties.

Sensitive people feel peculiar places and are able

to point out those places by intuition,

by pendulum, by dowsing and other means.



Now we come to the notion of music.

Everybody feels the change in athmosphere,

when life music is being played and heard.


Why do people play musical records and CD's as a musical wall paper?

It dampens the chance of hearing the irregularities next to us.

Our brain does not like to hear irregularities next to us,

ábecause it feels like danger.


Music seems to be related to our way of hearing.

Our listening organs seem to perceive music

because of the layer of atmosphere we live in.


On the other hand we know by the teachings of

Pythagoras that music is a supernatural phenomena

emanating by of the movement of the planets and the stars.


This he called "the music of the spheres".

The ratio of musical tones are found in the golden ratio,

in the ratio of planetary orbits,

in the ratio of atomic crystals and

the probability orbits of electrons around the kernel of the atom.


Which means that the ratio of musical tones is a

constituting power at the level of the 3 kinds of power fields.



To remind you:

There are essentially three power fields surrounding us:

1. gravitational power (keeping your feet down);

2. atomic power (keeping you in one piece);

3. nucleus power (keeping the atoms inside together).



"Eigenfrequency" is the frequency or tone in which an object

starts to vibrate (resonance). With musical

frequencies objects are resonating by way of

influencing one of the three powerfields.



Radiowaves and resonance.


Radiowaves do the same.

The radio antenna resonates at the certain frequency of the radio station.

áThe medium through which radiowaves are being received is called "ether".

The scientific point of view is that "ether" does not exist.

But scientists have no other explanation for

the broadcasting of radiowaves through empty space.

The existence of "ether" plays a mayor role in the

discussion concerning the Relativity Theory.



The music field


My statement is that music also uses a medium

like the "ether" to reach objects as different in size as

planets and electrons.

The air sourrounding us is not

the medium by which music reaches our body.

The air starts resonating, because atoms do start resonating

because of the receiving of the music through

the music medium, let us say the "music field".

Then also our body resonates upon the musical tones.



As is known by many, there has been a lethal weapon

built upon this principle.

The "eigenfrequency" of the human body is then "played",

áwhich is an absolutely deadly musical tone.


Also it is more and more known that very low frequencies

of sound are damaging health very much.


The relation between music and Space-Time

is certainly not an unscientific point of view,

it is very definable in mathematical terms,

although it is also very amazing for most of us.


Some statements:


1. Music makes irregular Space-Time places audible;


2. Sometimes irregularities are coming into existence by music;


3. Irregularities themselves generate music.


Sofly play a musical instrument.

With respect for the silence of space.

Maybe Incense, candles?

An inspirational place?

The red of the sunset?

The inspiration of the full moon?


You will hear the irregularities of space around you.


Concentrating makes it possible that you

will have amazing experiences, see other dimensions,

find divine inspiration.


I have very amazing experiences with music,

while I was playing the simple recorder,

also called English flute,

or Blockflote.


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