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The dating of Ancient Egypt




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The dating of Ancient Egypt


From 1840 until 1930 several generations of very

precise and learned scholars studied

with care and endurance the remnants of ancient Egypt.

They published every achievement in many volumes.

Some of their names:

Champollion, Mariette, Petrie, Brugsch, Wallis Budge.

They were impressed by the immense old age of

the Egyptian civilization.

For example:

the dating of the start of

the reign of the first historical

king of Egypt, king Menes or Mena:

Champollion 5869 BC

Mariette 5004 BC

Petrie 5510 BC

Brugsch 4455 BC


Mr. E.A. Wallis Budge emphasises that the cult of Osiris,

more precise: Asar Khenti Amenti,

must have been introduced into Egypt

even before the reign of this first king Mena.

Some of the piramid texts are

without doubt more ancient, because the religious ideas

of the piramid texts were unknown to the first Egyptians,

so they took over much older ideas.

The rise and spread of the Osiris cult in

pre-dynastic times gave the great change that more or less

initiated the ancient Egyptian civilization.

It seems that scribes of the first dynasties

ádid hardly understand the ancient religious texts.

See Wallis Budge, Book of the Dead, pages 5,6,7 and notes

in his latest revision of 1932.


Several official websites on Egyptian archeology

give as the start of the reign of king Mena

the year 3000 BC.

The piramid texts are even dated 2325-2150 BC,

that is AFTER the First Dynasty.


Mr. W.M. Flinders Petrie in his book

Prehistoric Egypt (1920) page 5

is very clear about the dating of the First Dynasty.

He rejects the dating 3.400 BC as impossible:

"The historic period according to the Egyptians

was 5.500 years to Roman times,

or 3.400 years by the impossible chronology of Berlin."

and also:

"To be asked to end them (the dating of the prehistoric graves)

with the first dynasty at 5.500 BC is as late

as we can ask geology to grant,

and we may well put the beginning of that age (the prehistory)

áto 8.000 or 10.000 BC.

In any case the suppositions which would bring

the first dynasty to 3.400 BC and crowd the prehistoric

into a few centuries before that,

would seem to be quite irreconcilable

with the geologic scales of time action."


Mr. Petrie is using geological arguments here.

Geological arguments are also used by other authors

to date the Sphinx of Gizeh to 10.000 or 12.000 BC.

áThe stele of Thutmosis IV between

áthe paws of the sphinx is pointing in the same direction too.


Nevertheless is the official point of view

áfocused on a recent dating

of the first dynasty of ancient Egypt.


My opinion is, that Egyptian history as we know it,

seems to be rewritten for other reasons.

New age "prophets" are involved in some excavations.

Native Egyptian scholars are taking over.

No doubt their knowledge is deep and thorough.


But my fear is, that so-called "prophesies" have to be made

true by remodelling the Egyptian history.

Religious motives for making the Egyptian history

younger and younger are also possible.

An independent committee for advice upon

dating Egyptian archeology should be able

to make recent dating of ancient Egypt more trustable.


The theory that has my support is the theory,

that Egypt was invaded at the time of the First Dynasty.

The invaders came from the North,

from the Civilization of the Goddess.

See the page on Pre-Egyptian hieroglyphs.



Some popular writers are propagating that the Sumerian

civilization is the start of knowledge on Earth.


Even "space travellers" seem to be involved

áin the creation of civilisation on Earth.

Whether these thoughts are true or not true

is not the issue here.

Important is, that these claims should not forged to be true,

by rewriting history.


The work of Marijah Gimbutas has shown,

that Europe directly after the Ice Age

developed a high standing civilization

including writing

from the year 9000BC.

This civilization has influenced the Atlantis civilization,

but also the Egyptian civilization.


Some archeologists are pointing to the fact,

that excavations near the piramids of Gizeh

are giving unexpected results.

Many (unwanted) rumours are being published.

The present building of a huge wall around these sites

are feeding these rumours even more.


I want to express the hope,

that findings and results will continously be published

in a scientific way and

thus made available for every interested person.


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