Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

where do they come from?



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Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs


One of the important unsolved questions of ancient Egypt

is: where do they come from?


With "they" is meant both the ancient Egyptians themselves,

where did they learn to write the beautiful hieroglyphs?


In the fourth dynasty the hieroglyphs are not only beautifully

designed, painted and written,

but also a fully developed pictorial scripture

with thousands of scripture signs.

Development of such a magnificent writing system

takes more then a few generations.


Many people see a strong relationship with very ancient

civilizations like Atlantis.

Still the line from Atlantis to the first dynasties of ancient Egypt

was very unsure.

Dating the first dynasties became an issue in this discussion.

(Still I follow Petrie, Wallis Budge, Breasted in an early

dating of the first dynasties, based upon many lines

of important proofs).


Dr. Stephen Guide from the Institute of Transcendent Science

has published very important research regarding the source

of the ancient hieroglyphs.


In three interesting books he has published his findings.

Beschrijving: volume 1 thracianBeschrijving: volume 2 thracian

The covers of part 1 and 2 of the 3 volumes.

All three books can be bought through the website of Dr. Stephen Guide.


Dr. Guide is specialized in pictorial knowledge systems.

Studying the ancient Thracian civilization

he came upon the mysterious Thracian tablets in the museums of Bulgaria.

There he saw a pictorial writing system ignored by archeologists.


We will gives three details of his website:

Beschrijving: tablet 5000BC


This research points out that the Thracian people

were using a pictorial writing system, that resembles very much

the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic system,

but much earlier then the Egyptian civilization.


The tablet of Gradeshnitsa in Bulgaria is without any doubt

about 2000 years earlier then the hieroglyphic writings.


Beschrijving: tablet of Tartaria 5000BC


The pictorial symbol for Thracia or Thracian kings

is a kind of backbone pictorial, very probable indicating

the six pillars of a temple. The Thracians were very much known for their temples

and the word for "temple" was synonymous with the word for "Thracian"

in ancient Egyptian language.


Beschrijving: tablet 4000BC


Robert studied the above tablet in the Archeological Museum

of Sofia, Bulgaria, where the tablet is very clearly

on display from all sides.

The tablet looks very much like a stamp,

for example an ancient bread stamp.

The pictorials are very clearly visible like on the above picture at the left.


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Dr. Guide also points out, that objects of Thracian origine are

covered with the same pictorials, thus indicating the meaning of the object

for religious use. In his second and third book he gives several

important examples. The understanding of these pictorials in the

way of this research could open up new lines of understanding

the Thracian civilization.


The next step in the research should be finding more pictorial symbols

upon both objects and tablets. A more complete dictionary could be

formed that way.

The finding of some larger writings would also be very impressive.


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This important research opens the way to new insights.

The Thracian civilization is one of the most ancient civilizations

in the world. There is no doubt about dating the Thracian

people from 6200BC until 350BC as an independent nation,

while the Thracian habits and traditions are still alive.


The Thracians are known for their megalithic temples

and it is very probable that their roots go back to the

megalithic civilizations dated 10000BC to 1600BC.


It is very likely that the first three dynasties

of ancient Egypt were established by the Thracian kings.

The Thracians brought their ancient writing system

into ancient Egypt, where the hieroglyphs grew

into the beautiful hieroglyph system we all know.


The Thracians were a magnificent people as is clear

from the writings of Homeros, Herodotos and Josephus.

They were at the time as populated as the Chinese nation.

The relation with civilizations of Mycene and Cnossus are obvious.

The Thracians could also be the sea people from many Egyptian writings.


Even more important is the fact that the Thracians

were a Goddess people. Relations with ancient Christianity

(also originally a Goddess religion)

through ancient Egypt are highly probable.


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We know from the works of professor Marijah Gimbutas,

that the Ancient European civilization used a scripture system

of 158 well-described pictorial figures.

This writing system was in use from 9000BC until these Thracien

bread stamps or holy seals come into use.

This writing system is not yet translated.


The link between Atlantis and ancient Egypt becomes

more clear this way:

Atlantis destroyed somewhere around 12,000BC

Old-European megalithic civilization (9,000BC-3,200BC)

Thracian civilization (3,200BC-350BC)

Ancient Egyptian civilization (2,800BC-500AD)


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We thank our friend Dr. Stephen Guide for his permission

to have some details of his work from his website


May our webpage help to make his research more known.


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