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How old is Christianity?



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How old is Christianity?

Since when is the Christian spirituality

recognizable between other religions?


In other chapters I stated that Christianity is much

older then the traditional starting point

áwith the Jesus movement.

Also I stated that the roots of Christianity

are to be found in ancient Egyptian religion,

more precise in a combination of the Hathors religion

and the Amen-Mut-Khonsu religion.

There are many reasons to make

these statements plausible.

In this chapter I like to make an estimate

of how far we have to go back in history

and still are finding Christian lines of traditions.

We noted already that ancient Egyptian texts are

intensely related with Christian texts.

To mention them will be the subject of another chapter.

Christian conceptions of eternal truth and comfort

in the basics of the true believe

are also basic and never doubted truths of the

Egyptian believers.

To mention only a few:


resurrection after death;

the trial and verdict of sins;

the forgiveness of sins by repentance;

the complete trust in the risen Lord;

the Mother and Child unity;

the relation of God with the Sun;

the importance of the female aspect of the divinity;

the angels;

the four angels at the corners of the earth;

the creation;

the unseen and unknown God;

the mentioning of Amen with every prayer;

the unity of God as creator and saviour.

In another chapter I will look into the fact that

the religious vestments of the priests

and other clergy were in ancient Egypt and are in the Catholic,

Orthodox and Eastern churches very very much the same.

The furniture in the ancient Egyptian temples and in the

traditional cathedrals of Christianity are the same.

A dating method I researched for the roots of Christianity

áis to be found in the architecture of

the ancient Egyptian temple compared with

the architecture of the Christian Gothic cathedrals.

In the Middle kingdom at the start of the 12th dynasty

áa new way of temple design was introduced,

that became centuries later in the New Kingdom

the most popular temple design.

Again two thousand years later this way of

building religious buildings still is to be found

in the Christian Gothic cathedrals and many other

important big churches.

This brings me to the conclusion that in the Middle

Kingdom something has been started that until today

never stopped and that is to be researched in the

architecture and the religious use of the

temples on the one hand and Christian Gothic cathedrals

on the other hand.

This brings back the roots of Christianity towards

the 12th dynasty of ancient Egypt,

which means around 2050 years BC.


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ancient christianity

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