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My Heart Goes Out To You


So many disasters of nature in the recent years.

Heavy earthquakes.

Forest fires.

Tsunami dangers.

Inundations by heavy rainfall.


Years of dry weather in other places.


I am grief stricken.

Words are difficult to come by.



The last page I wrote for this site

called for Divine Intervention.

Now I see how apropos it was and is.

I had a sad feeling the last few days.

Now I know why.

We Are All One


We are like fingers on the same hand.

We all need to work together to make it

all work well. We are all one family.

We are all from the same source.

No matter what we look like, what names we are called,

what country we are from, what colour our skins are,

what religion we follow, where we live,

whether we are fat, thin, rich, poor, healthy, sick,……etc.

 We are all in this world together.

We are all from the same source. We are family.

 So please, can we now band together.

It is not so much a question as a plea.

This is the time when we pull together

and become the family that we are.



Lately I have been feeling sad. 

Now it seems that I was feeling something

that was about to occur.

Once I felt that one of my relatives had died.

Shortly after that a family member called

to say that one of my relatives had died.

As we go inside ourselves,

we will become more and more sensitive

to events that are about to occur.

We never know what will happen in life.

One minute everything is fine and the next

can be a natural disaster or a violent attack as what happened in London.

 I wrote about this to someone specificly

on the day of that attack, knowing that everyone

must have heard the news that day.

I was stressing the importance of making amends

 to those you hurt before that person could possible be

suddenly gone from this world.

Instead of taking this as a sign to set things right,

that person took it as a personal attack.

It surprised me greatly to be so mis-interpreted.

However when someone is already in a negative frame of mind,

it is easy to mis-interpret something that is meant innocently

 as something negative. That's why it is important to be positive.

 Then you are able to hear the positive message.

Stay Positive


With the present condition of the world,

it is easy to be negative or pessimistic.

We must rise above it. We must have solidarity with each other.

We must band together like unions do in order

to protect their members (well most of the time). 

It is important to band together now to help

and support those who are in need.

This is part of what makes us human.

Prayer is Something We Can All Do


Those with jobs or wealth can help with financial donations.

 Those without can still pray for help where it is needed.


We can say specific prayers

for those who have passed on (died),

or for those who are left behind,

or for those who are physically, emotionally, or financially damaged,

 a prayer to ask that illnesses do not break out,

to ask that all the people who still live be found

and taken care of. We can also say a general prayer

for help where it is need and

let the Divine Consciousness take care of it all.

And we can say a prayer for all of the above.



Compassion is sympathetic consciousness of others' distress

 together with a desire to alleviate (relieve) it.

It is important to feel here rather than just try

 to escape and pretend that nothing happened.

You do not have to be overwhelmed by this grief.

Feel it, pray and then get on with your life

with the knowledge that suffering is still going on

 and that you and your help is still needed.

Know that praying is still helping.

Remember what has happened and continue to pray every day.

When you do, please keep in mind

the possibility of asking for Divine Intervention

every Full Moon on behalf of everything that happens in the world.


We need balance to be restored to this planet.

When we all pray together for Divine Intervention

at the time of the Full Moon,

whenever it is happening in the place that you live,

then this will be very powerful.

Please see my page called Divine Intervention.



Thank you for your prayers.

Blessings to you!



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