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The Cross symbol


Jesus on the Cross is a well known symbol

in the Christian world.


We have to keep in mind, that the Cross and

the crucified Saviour are mentioned in many

ways and in many religions around the world.


The symbol is not unique for Christianity.

But it is in Christianity a main and central symbol.


The Sorrowful God with pain and suffering is an element of the

Goddess religion as it existed in Old Europe from

9000BC until 800BC.


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Among Christian scholars there is no unity

about the structure of the Cross.

The main discussion is about:


-was the cross where Jesus died, just a simple

tree trunk, without a horizontal layer?


-was the cross a T symbol, with only a horizontal layer

áon top of the standing pole?


-was the cross a complete X symbol,

with the horizontal layer crossing the

standing pole?


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There are also very good arguments,

áthat Simon van Cyrene not only carried

the pole of the Cross,

but took the place of Jesus on the Cross,

which makes Simon van Cyrene

a real hero and friend of Jesus.


It is specially the newly found Gospel of Judas

that gives a new light on the death of Jesus.

The divine God the Child incarnated into the body of his earthly appearance.

By the death of the earthly appearance

the divine Child was freed to start the work

of leading the way into the Heaven.

The people are called out to start the journey home.

See the special page on the Call.


See also the special page on the Gospel of Judas.


The Goddess religion of Old Europe has direct connections with ancient Egypt.

In the Goddess religion the cross was indicating the fullness

of the universe, the four corners of the Earth.


The cross symbol can be found in ancient Egypt in a very special way.

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When we look towards the Egyptian ancient religion

we see that the T-cross was carried by hand.

A circular strip was meant to hold the T-cross in hand,

hanging down from the circular hand hold.

The symbol was in ancient Egyptian also

a hieroglyph,called the Ankh.


The T-cross including the circular strip was pictured

everywhere on temples, on statues, on jewelry.

It is sure, that the handheld T-cross was

a major symbol in ancient Egyptian religion.

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The Amen temple of Karnak is not only the largest

temple in the world, used for 5000 years of worship

to the unvisible and unknown god Amen,

but is also shaped as a T-cross.

This is not the case for any other Egyptian temple.

Maybe a few other Amen temples have a T-cross shape,

but it is unsure whether that played a role

in the daily worship.


In the Amen temple of Karnak one route of worship

áis from West to East, and this is the Hodos

Jesus was pointing at.


Perpendicular upon this main axis was

the South-North axis, a long ceremonial

way, coming from the Amen temple in Luxor,

áthrough an alley of sphinxes into the Karnak temple,

going through four big pylons and

courtyards ending sideways at the main entrance

of the Amen temple in Karnak.

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The long pole of the T-cross is the South-North axis

and the horizontal layer of the T-cross

is then the West-East axis of the Amen temple.

The T-cross shape must have been an important part

of the temple services, because the T-shape route

was part of the temple from the very first

start of the construction in the Middle Kingdom.

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The conclusion that the Christian religion is

strongly related with this Karnak temple.

The T shaped structure of the routes of processions

along these main axis were a major and unique

feature of this temple, dedicated to the

invisible and unknown creator god Amen.


To the left was the temple of God the Child Khonsu and to the right

along the cross was the temple of God the mother Mut.


This is the way the Invisible Spirit wants itself to be known to us.

See the special page upon the Father Mother Child Trinity.


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