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Ancient Christianity


The Call

The trumpet

The signal of the Fulfilment of the All

The Resurrection




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The Call in the New Testament


In the New Testament there is at several places written

about the calling of the dead people into the Resurrection.


Specially the Apostle Paul writes about the Signal.

There will be a Signal,

likely a Trumpet signal, or a Call

on which two things will happen:

the Living people will be converted as they are

áinto their eternal heavenly bodies.

The dead people will come out of their graves

and will get their heavenly and eternal bodies.


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Immediate Resurrection


In Ancient Christianity there is more thinking about immediate Resurrection.

The Invisible and Almighty Divinity

is waiting for Its people to come back into Its Realm

of Light and Goodness.

So when somebody dies the Receivers are welcoming

ásuch a dead person into the Light.

This we know better since the description of Near Dead experiences.


It is also more in accordance with the general feeling of today

that our deceased beloved ones are not in the dark grave,

but in the Light of Mercy and Forgiveness.


God the Child who is Jesus the Saviour

has opened the Way (Hodos)

through the Realms of Light

unto the Horos, the boundary between the realm of

The Invisible and Almighty Divinity and the Realm of Light.

This place is the Ogdoade

or the Realm of Light

where the eternal Souls who are the deceased ones,

are waiting in the Light of Mercy

until Jesus who is God the Child,

will for ever save them by crossing together the Horos,

the last boundary between the Realm of Light

and the Invisible Almighty Divinity.


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The Call in Ancient Christianity


In Ancient Christianity there is a lot written about the Call.

The Call is the moment that the Soul of the people who are alive

will listen to the Voice of God the Father.

There and then they will know and remember

what their eternal destiny is.

Where do I belong?

What has eternal meaning?


The Call means that for that person the fulfilment of the All has come.

The fulfilment of the All is in the New Testament

seen as the End of Times.

But Ancient Christianity saw the End of Time coming

on a daily basis for every person in their own moment.


We also say nowadays

that somebody has been called to become a servant of God.

Reverends, Priests, Deacons, Monks, Nuns

but also honest believers

are listening to the Call.


Robert has the feeling that the Call to Immediate Resurrection

like the Ancient Christians see it

is more in accordance with our beliefs of today,

then the strict Resurrection at the end of times

as the New Testament gives it to us.



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