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Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and Hathor

Long ago civilization on this planet was more advanced

then we can imagine. Air travel, space travel, science

were at a higher level of development then

the history books are telling us.

We find the stories and images and writings

about these achievements around the globe.



the unbelievable stonework of

Machu Pichu, Peru


Baalbek, Libanon

Temple of Osiris, Egypt

the Big Piramid, Egypt

the writings of the Sumerians about space travel.


Some people describe a disaster happening,

that blew the old civilizations away.

It is not sure that a disaster happened.

The Earth is movable.

The oceans have only a thin crest that moves more then we realise.


From Eastern Island we know that the continent of Mu

or also named Lemuria sank in the ocean.

Read the special page.


Only small remnants of the old civilisation

survived. Remnants are found in Peru, Mexico, US,

Cuba, Bimini, Sahara, Egypt and other places.


Together with many stories about travelling

through the air, travelling into outerspace.

Deep in the ocean along the shores of the continents

the ruins of the old vanished civilization are still existant.

See our Atlantis page.

The civilization of Egypt did built upon the remnants

of a previous culture.

This culture was not the culture of Atlantis,

but the culture of Old Europe,

that had been in existence since 9000BC.


The older civilization is to be seen

in buildings and scriptures, even in the old texts

upon the walls of pyramids and temples of the Old Kingdom.



The hieroglyphs were a complete system

of writing from the first moment.

The technique of alabaster vases was perfect

far before the first dynasties of Egypt.

Architecture was well developed since the first kings.


The line of knowledge could become more clear, when we look at Europe.

There are indications, that Atlantis somehow survived in very ancient

megalithic monuments and knowledge connected to these monuments.


The link between Atlantis and ancient Egypt becomes

more clear this way:

Atlantis somewehere around 10000BC destroyed;

civilization of Old Europe (9000BC-3200BC)

Thracian civilization (6200BC-350BC)

Ancient Egyptian civilization (3400BC-500AD)


See our webpage upon the Thracian hieroglyphs.



It seems very probable, that the first dynasties of ancient Egypt

were established by Thracian kings.



Susan and Robert did visit the old places in Luxor,Egypt

and they felt the special energy of these old places.

At the temple of Karnak we both felt we had been

there many centuries before, when the Egyptian religion was still thriving.

We felt we knew where to walk,

where we had sang a hymn for Amen and Hathor long ago.

We also could point out the existence and place of ancient statues.

See the Amen temple page.

We felt and recognized that buildings were changed,

replaced, altered since we have been there in a past life.


The Egyptians had the habit of rebuilding a temple,

when the stars shifted to a new place.

As you know the stars are going around the globe in 27000 years.


The temple buildings as we know them from archeology

are rebuilds of the ancient temples by new ones

ecause the starsystems shifted,

because of the immense age of the original buildings.


The visiting of the statue of the goddess Hathor

in the temple of queen Hatsjepsut was

a real experience of peace and creation.


We think that Hathor is a very ancient goddess,

most probably from Atlantis times,

anyway much older then Egyptian civilization.


Did you experience special energies or blessings

in relationship with the goddess Hathor like we did?

We have a special page about the goddess Hathor.

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Secret Christianity

Christianity is an ancient Egyptian religion, connected with

but independent from the Hebrew religion of the Old Tespament.

This is not an underestimating of the Hebrew religion,

but a statement about history.


The roots of the very ancient

and respectable religion of the Hebrews

and the roots of Christianity are only partially the same.


While the Hebrew nations had deep roots in the world of

the Sumerians, the land of Ur, Babylon.

the Ancient Christians remained connected with

and stayed mostly inside Ancient Egypt.

Very likely the line of history goes

from ancient Egypt into ancient Europe.


The start of Christianity is not

in the times of New Testament, but much earlier.

See the page on ancient Christianity.

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ancient christianity

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