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The exact place of

the continent Hiva in the Pacific Ocean.


My opinion is that the ocean floor

of the Pacific Ocean came up as a gigantic wave

of rock and soil, and stayed that way

for a long time as an immense island called Lemuria or Mukulia.

Then the continent sank away slowly, but steadily.

In the end it was only very big island, called Hiva.


When King Hotu-Matua came over to the island

of Te Pito No Te Henua, (now without any respect

being called Easter Island) with his people,

he came from the West.

He told that his island Hiva was slowly sinking away

and they had to leave.

That was somewhere around 1200 AD.

During the 550 years this tribe lived on Easter Island

they had a constant homesickness for

their land Hiva. The wish to go back to Hiva

was in all their religious ceremonies.

"Go, go back to Hiva".


When the priest Paao came over to Hawaii

with his people to invade the islands,

he came from the South.

That was around 1100 AD.

This people came in several waves,

and stayed, without any intention of going back home.


King Kalakaua from Hawaii tells us,

that after the invasion of the Southerners

many islands South of Hawaii sank away,

at least seven big islands between Hawaii and Tahiti,

which is in the direction of Malden Island.


This indicates for sure where the last remnant

of the continent sank away:

in the middle, Eastern part of the Pacific.

I have the opinion that Hiva was the last

part of Lemuria to sink away.

And apparently this happened very recently.


In the same time Europe was going into the

"Little Ice Age" for 600 years.

See the many winter paintings of Breughel.

I think these changes are connected.


In Europe in medieval times many legends were

told about the "Southland".

It is this Southland what Columbus was looking for,

that is why he crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

The Southland was descripted as a paradise.

The place where Ambrosia came from,

the drink and food of the Gods,

the holy bee drink.

There were more blessings in this mysterious

paradise according to the legend.


Lemuria or Mukulia must have been much larger

áthen the island of Hiva.

When we take into account the remnants of

megalithic piramids, platforms, arches,

all built with these gigantic basalt stones

of 50 to 200 tons,

Lemuria must have stretched from the Tonga

islands to Pitcairn, just West of Easter Island.

In the North Kiribati, Malden island, Marquesas.

In the South

from Tonga to Pitcairn.

New Zealand was not a part of Lemuria

ábecause the geological boundary

goes through Figi to the south and New Zealand

lies West of this boundary.


Why is the megalithic argument of any significance?

Imagine you are sitting in a small canoe,

with a 200 ton basalt block next to you.

How are you going to deliver?

You will need many people, space to handle,

food, drink, rope, lots of rope.

Only a bigger area can handle this.

Certainly when also high walls, piramids, roads

have to be build of these huge basalt stones.


On Easter island there are seven statues (called moai)

specially looking to the West over the Pacific Ocean

towards an area between Marquesas and Gambier islands.

I am sure, that these seven statues are watching

exactly towards the ancient continent.


West of Easter Island is a small island called

Motu Motiro Hiva, which means "small island near Hiva".

In Spanish the name is Sala y Gomez.


In the area where Hiva seems to have been,

immense layers of sediment are heaped up upon

the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

This has been noticed by submarines.


When we take into account the many reliefs cut into

mountain sides and other images of flying men,

we find about the same area for the continent.


Malden Island south of Hawaii is amazing with the many

megalithic platforms. Certainly this island was in the heart of

the continent of Lemuria.


Amazing is also Pohnpei Island,

west of Kiribati and South West of Hawaii.

Although Pohnpei is amazing, my opinion is,

that it is to far away to the West, into another

geological area. Ofcourse the people from

Lemuria can be the only explanation for

the sunken city of Pohnpei Island.


Also on Australia are the same piramids and platforms,

also to far away to the West to be part

of the continent, but certainly the people

of Lemuria lived also in Australia.


Tonga with the piramids and great buildings,

the archways, the circling roads

all built with these huge basalt blocks

must have been a major place of Lemuria,

maybe even the capital because of

the ancient remnants of palaces in Tonga.

Does anybody made a picture of these

big basalt blocks,

which I could place on this webpage?

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