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This page has been used for testing

 the new format for index pages.

The goals was to have a page with good overview

and easy maintenance.

optimal download speed,

usability for index pages.

The result was positive.



The first index pages in the new design were:


the spiritual Bulgarian project


index of megalithic webpages on


index of Ancient Christianity pages on



This is an opinion based website

without any commercial purpose.




Both Robert and Susan are stating their own opinions,

founded upon research,

study and visiting the area.

Nevertheless we give only our opinions.


What you do with our opinions is your own choice.

Even when we have the opinion that things or procedures

are healthy or not healthy

and/or dangerous or not dangerous,

and/or good or evil,

it is only our personal opinion we are stating.

Certainly we have no intention to insult anybody.


We don’t accept any responsibility or liability

regarding our opinions and/or the content of this website.


netherlands_fl_md_wht has its roots in the Netherlands.


hawaiihibiscus has started March 26, 2002.

On our birthday page you will find statistical data.



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On behalf of much other materials

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If you think we have used a doubtful element

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We want to respect everybodies copyright,

like we expect to be respected by you.


Unless explicitly specified otherwise,

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OTHER Copyrights:

In the Tarot starter pages Robert is using the image

of some Tarot cards which are: ©1971 U.S. Games

Robert is recommending the purchase of these Rider-Waite Tarot cards.

When you study the Tarot cards, they have to come into your life.


We are using some beautiful graphics from


Lately this website was off line.


We are using some Java applets of the Anfyteam on our test pages.

Fabio Ciucci is the author and owner of all the applets

included in Anfy program and package.

You can use these applets freely to enhance your web pages.


Some PDF download books of Sri Swami Sivananda

with Copyright by The Divine Life Trust Society

are available on

for which we are very thankful.

c3-starplant-8 is using some free graphics from:



This website is offline.


Recently josandoe was off line.



These Native American graphics are beautiful.

Don't miss the memorial for

the Battle of Greasy Grass.

Apparently this website was off-line recently.


Renewal goes on!


We like to have spiritual friends

to improve the energy on the planet

 and to call out for world peace.




We speak English.

We spreken Nederlands.

Nous parlons Francais.

We read German.









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