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La commanderie d'Arville

Knights Templar village

in France

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La commanderie d'Arville


Robert and Susan have been researching the Knights Templar.


The Knights Templar are surrounded by mysteries and speculations.

Since their founding in 1119AD it has been a complete riddle

what they were doing in Jerusalem on the terrain of the Temple.

Did they find something of value in Jerusalem?

If they found something what was it?


Primarily the carthedral of Chartres is suggesting a link

between the Templar Knights and the Arc of the Covenant.

Read our pages on the Cathedral of Chartres.


Secondly the enormous richness of the Knights Templar is suggesting

a link with Alchemy and Egyptian knowledge and the Templar knights.


Reason enough for Robert and Susan to research these warrior monks.

That is why we visited Arville south of Paris, France.

Arville is almost unchanged since the Templar Knights

were abolished in 1314 and the property of Arville

went over to the Hospital knights of Malta.


In 1793 the property of Arville went over from the Maltese Knights

towards local farmers because of the French revolution.

Luckily the local farmers left most of the buildings unchanged,

until in 1983 step by step the buildings of the Commanderie

were brought in the Historical Foundation of Arville.



The gate of the commanderie is inviting us into the inner terrain.



The Commanderie is almost unchanged in 800 years.


The area gives an impression of history and ancient stories.

The medieval garden has been restored.

In the background the large tower used for pigeons.


The entrance of the church is unchanged and any moment a Templar Knight

could walk out as if nothing has happened.




In front of the Templar church stands an ancient tower.



The Templar church from the North.

We could not find a North entrance.


View from the main gate towards the back gate.

Looking through the gate towards the gate in the back of the Commanderie.



The ancient buildings are almost not changed on 700 years.

These buildings were stables for horses and for the monks themselves.


The backery.

Very likely the Templars did not bake bread for themselves,

so this ancient backery could be used for guests of the Templars.




The enormous tower in the Commanderie was used for pigeons,

so it is the mail office.


The roof of the pigeon tower.

Noice the pigeon holes all around.


The enormous barn used for storing the harvest.


Inside of the Templars church.

The furniture is very likely not from the time of the Templars.

Templar churches are very simple and almost without decoration.

So is also this church very simple and plain.



The inside of the Templar church.

The little stool in the front indicates the exact spot where

Theo Wierdsma performed that day a spectacular healing on Robert.

Theo is a famous healer, his website is www.adapa.nl

Four angles spiritual beings were helping with the healing.

Robert saw light orbs everywhere around.

Other visitors were deeply impressed.



The altar part of the Templar church.

Also this interior is not from the time of the Templars.

Everybody had a strong sense of cellars in this area.


Roof of the Templar Church.



The ancient herb garden has been reconstructed.

The medieval herbs are described in a nice book,

that is sold in the museum shop.





In the village of Arville was this very nice restaurant.

We had a wonderful lunch in this restaurant.


The menu of our lunch.

Tasty, simple, cosy.


Inside the restaurant La Table Ronde at Arville.




To understand the Templar Knights this visit of the Commanderie

d'Arville was very instructive.

We felt the Templar Knights really nearby.

Normally 800 years of history are disturbing the

intuitive feeling of the Templars.

Here the ages don't count so much.

The impression is pure and nearby.




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