Ashtavakra Samhita

Chapter 4



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The Asthavakra Samhita chapter 4.


The goal is to have the Sanskrit text,

the word by word translation and

áthe english translation in one document.


English translation by John Richards (2nd. version)

Public Domain

The complete texts are downloadable at the

Ashtavakra Samhita index page.


Here begins chapter 4.



Here has to be added in Sanskrit:

Janaka said:






áHaunta = surprisingly if the truth is said,

aatam = of soul, giaasya = knower of interior knowledge,

dhirsaya = stated carried by interior knowledge,

khaelatah = playing, bhog = the experiment,

leelyaa = false sensual objects, na = not,

hi = surely, sansaar = the world,

vaahikasah = bodily life having problems,

mndeh = missing of interior knowledge,

sah = with, smaantaa = comparison.áá


Janaka said:


The wise person of self-knowledge,

playing the game of worldly enjoyment,

bears no resemblance whatever to samsara's

bewildered beasts of burden. 4.1









áYat = after which, padam = the state of the brain,

praepsavah = hanker, dheenah = thus unhappy,

sarv = all, dhaevtaa = the pious forms,

aho = it is astonishing, tatra = there,

isthitah = rested, yogi = the perfect disciple of yoga,

Na = not, harsham = thrilled, upagchchhti = to reach it.á


Truly the yogi feels no excitement

even at being established in that state

which all the Devas from Indra down

yearn for disconsolately. 4.2










á Tajajgiasaya = declared the knower of knowledge,

ápunh = thought of virtuous actions,

papa = thought of the vice actions, abhyaam = with,

saprashah = inherited contact, hi = surely,

anatah = the interior brain, Na = not,

jaaytae = is, Na = not, hi = surely, aakaashsya = sky,

ádhumaen = with smoke, drashyamana = which appears,

upi = like, sangatih = coming into contact with.áá


He who has known That is untouched

within by good deeds or bad,

just as space is not touched by smoke,

however much it may appear to be. 4.3










áá Aatma = soul, eva = only, idam = this,

jagat = universe, sarvam = all, giaatam = known,

áyaen = by what,

ámahaatmnaa = indicated in the tranquility

of the brain of the melody,

yadrachchhya = acting according to impulsive actions',

vartmaanam = while remaining in the present,

átm = it, nishaedhum = prohibited,

shmet = can, ka = which.á


Who can prevent the great-souled person

who has known this whole world

as himself from living as he pleases? 4.4










á Abraham = life of Brahma which is supreme lord

áof all creation in universe, aastam = with the life of

áthe elements of grass, paryantae = prolongation,

bhoograamae = bodily life in matter elements,

chaturvidey = of the four kinds, vigyasya = the claimant

of knower of interior knowledge, eve = only one,

hi = surely, samarthamya = the capacities, chchhaa = desires,

áanichchha = aversion, viverjaney = give up.áá


Of all four categories of beings,

from Brahma down to the last clump of grass,

only the man of knowledge is capable of

eliminating desire and aversion. 4.5









áAatmaanam = soul, addyam = not duel,

kashichat = hardly one, jaanaati = knower,

jagdheeshvaram = lord of the universe, yat = that,

ávaeti = knows, tat = that , sah = he, kurtae =,

na = not, bhyam = feared, tasya = his,

kutra-chitah = anywhere.á


Rare is the man who knows himself

as the nondual Lord of the world,

and he who knows this is not afraid of anything. 4.6



Here ends Ashtavakra chapter 4.


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