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The old posters of Naarden and Haarlem

The Dutch struggle for freedom

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Naarden and Haarlem


Robert grew up in a small town in Holland.

Everybody was at that time very much aware of the price of freedom.

The liberation of the country from the fascists in World War 2 was recent.

The high price of freedom was in everybodies mind.

So also the earlier struggles for freedom came up in everybodies thoughts.


Very much came into the common mind the struggle of the Republic in the 80 years war.

The 80 years freedom war was in the years 1568 - 1648AD


The posters of the slaughter of the people of Naarden and of Haarlem were hanging

on the wall both in the primary school and in the high school were Robert went.

Robert wanted to have these posters here on Home2b.nl


But there is the issue of the copyright.

It took Robert a while to find out about the copyright of the pictures.

To the best knowledge and after lots of research

Robert is sure that these pictures

are free of copyright.


Copyright on everything could be silencing the right of free speech.

Copyright is necessary for recent objects,

ábut for ancient pictures of 400 years old,

it is a bit strange that the copyright of these pictures is still an issue.




But here they are:

the old school pictures that Robert grew up with.

The price of freedom is high.

Let us never forget.




The massacre of Naarden.


Naarden is a little city next to the Suydersee.

It was meant as a fortress to defend Amsterdam.

The Spanish soldiers came into the city and killed everybody,

men, women, children.

It happened on December 1, 1572AD.



The people of Naarden had given food to the 5000 Spanish soldiers.

After the meal the plunder started and the killing.

The city of Naarden had 120 local soldiers and could not do much for defence.

The Duke of Alva was the responsible officer.

He wrote the King of Spain Philips the Second a letter:

"not one kid escaped".


There were in the same month also massacres in Zutphen and Oudewater.






The massacre of Haarlem.


Haarlem is a rather big city near Amsterdam, almost at the coast of the North Sea.

At that time Haarlem was also on the border of the huge Haarlem Lake,

which is turned into land since then.

Today the airport of Schiphol is in this polder of the Haarlem Lake.

Through Haarlem flows the river Spaarne.


On July 13, 1573 the Spanish soldiers entered the city of Haarlem,

after a fight of seven months.

The city was starving and could do nothing else then surrender.




The events around Haarlem were of great importance for the freedom war.

The Spanish army was tired because of the killings and the plunder.

A few months later on October 18, 1573AD

the city of Alkmaar won the war against the Spanish.

That was the turning point of the freedom war.


Soon after the victory at Alkmaar there was victory at Leyden, October 3, 1574AD

October 3 is every year a day of celebration at Leyden.





We don't want to hurt anybodies copyright.

If you have the copyright of these posters,

let us know.

See also our copyright statement on the Information board.



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