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The military cemetary Grebbeberg at Rhenen

In the month of May the German troops invaded the Netherlands.

The German army was experienced and had better attack strategies.


The terrain of the battle focused around the Suntemple,

which was researched by the Ley Line Group.

See the Suntemple pages.


The battle at the Grebbeberg lasted 3 days.

423 Dutch soldiers died and around 250 German soldiers.

In the cemetary on the Grebbeberg are about 380 Dutch soldiers buried.

The German soldiers are buried at Ysselstein in the East of the Netherlands.


Many soldiers died and are buried in this field of honor.

Many soldiers have never been found back in the terrain.

One row in the cemetery is empty.

When bodies are found back, they can have a place here.


Some soldiers survived.

They were imprisoned, but were allowed to return to their homes

a few weeks later.


On this monument are

two lines of the Dutch National Anthem:

Den Vaderlant Ghetrouwe

Blijf ick tot in den Doot.


True towards the homeland

will I be into death.


A very nice pavillion gives information

about the cemetary at the Grebbeberg

and is a place to overcome emotions if necessary.


The official website about the battle of the Grebbeberg


This website is in Dutch,

but there is an English summary.



The Dutch soldiers stopped the German invasion for eight whole days.

These eight days have been so valuable!

It would be nice to see a book about the value of this delay of the German invasion.

During the whole invasion 2341 Dutch soldiers died,

Around 2200 German soldiers died and

the Germans lost 50 percent of the airplanes which

they used during this invasion into the Netherlands.




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