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The Goddess religion since ancient times.


My grandmother and greatgrandmother did tell me many things

about the Goddess religion.

My greatgrandmother saw the Goddess religion still as a reality.

She had been involved herself in younger years and told of experiences of her own life.


My grandmother only knew from stories and hearsay of neighbours in her youth.

The things they told me were remarkably in the same line as the

scientific archaeological results of hundreds of excavations

in Goddess centres by professor Marijah Gimbutas.


The University of California has published the book "The Goddesses and Gods

of Old Europe" with the results of intensive research in many places of the

Goddess civilization, which Prof Gimbutas calls "Old Europe".

In this book the Goddess religion

comes forward as the Goddess civilization undisturbed and peaceful

from 9000BC until 3200BC.

The Minoan civilization of Crete and Mycene and Cyprus

was a direct branch of the Goddess civilization.


Directly after the melting of the Ice Caps in Europe,

the Goddess religion emerges in Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia,

Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria.

Cities arise with Goddess sanctuaries.

From 5300BC writings are known

although symbolic writing is known even from befroe the

Ice Age, so form 300,000BC.


Prog Gimbutas recognizes about 150 characters in which the language

of the Goddess has been written.

She also recognizes the similarity with the Ancient Cyprus languages.


There are impressive similarities between the characters of Old Europe

and the earliest ways of writing in hieroglyphs.

See the special page upon this identification between Old Europe characters and hieroglyphs.


Writings have been found in:

Dikilitash near Philipi, Greece dating 4500BC

Gradesnica near Vraca, Bulgaria 5000BC

Vinca, Serbia, 6000BC

Tartaria, Romania, 5300BC

Sukoro Toradulo, Hungary, 5000BC


The climate from 7000BC until 3000BC was much warmer then it is now.

So harvests and agriculture were enriching the area.

Also life outside the house was more normal.


The Goddess was venerated in thousands of places.

About 130,000 pottery artifacts have been found.


The Goddess with child on her lap is a known statue from the most ancient times.

So here in Old Europe this statue is known thousands of years earlier then

in ancient Egypt or Sumeria, Babylon.


The Goddess is visualized in several ways:

as a woman Goddess

as a pregnant woman Goddess

as a Goddess of Frogs, called AA, this could be the M of Mary.

as a Goddess shaped with bird features, called A, so likely Anne.


The Snake was a holy animal of the Goddess.

This is also found in the Old Testament where Moses brings the Holy Snake

among the people and for 600 years the Holy Snake is placed

in the tent temple and later in the stone temple.


The Goddess religion is also using the cross symbol.

The meaning of the cross symbol is the fulfillment of the universe,

the four corners of the universe are stretching unto the edges.

The cross symbol is also used in combination with the moon crescent

and the bull horns.

Also the head of a bull with the moon between its horns.


The male counterparts of the Goddess are two:

1. the God with the stiff penis,

2. the painfull God with sorrow and pain.


1. Although these ancient times are prehistoric and without translated

writings, there are so many explicit images

that it is sure, that the God with the stiff penis in later times

became the Dionysus figure.

The name Dionysos is much more ancient then the Greek civilization.

There are also strong relations with the Orpheus religion.

Orpheus is depicted as Christ by the ancient Christians.

See the special page about this subject.


There are two explanations for the name Dionysos in the scientific literature:

Dio nysos: God of (the city) Nysos

Nysos would be the name of

an unknown ancient city of the Goddess civilization.


Dion ysos: Lord Jesous

This would mean that the Greek name "Jesous"

for Jesus is an ancient title of the Goddess religion.


2. The God of sorrow and pain is an explicit series of images

from every age and place in the Goddess civilization.

This emphasises the relationship with ancient Egypt

and with ancient Christianity.

The suffering God is certainly a major element of Christianity.


The priests and priestesses were masked.

Masks are depicted on many images and even the holes for the ropes are visible.

There are animal masks and dramatic masks.

A priestess with an animal mask surely also

draws a line to the much later ancient Egypt,

where human figures with animal faces were many times depicted.

Also the Hathor priestesses were masked with cow horns and the moon.


In the much later Greek civilization masks became theatrical elements.

In Thracian Bulgaria masks played an important role,

also with the royal families and in battle.

Famous are the Thracian warriors with golden masks in the Ilias of Homeros.


Holy animals were for thousands of years:

domesticated dog (7000BC!)


some water bird


honey bee

bull (the goddess and the priestesses were wearing bull horns)

butterfly (much later evolving into the double axe)

with the butterfly there was also attention for the caterpillar.


The Goddess religion was peaceful until the invasions started of the

male god adherents from the East, probably from the North of Persia.

Three times the Goddess religion was invaded by Indo-European tribes

and the Goddess was more and more suppressed by male war gods.


Much later this is repeated in the Old Testament when the Goddess religion

of Moses, Aaron and Miriam is destroyed by the people coming out of exile

around 630 BC.

The temples are burned, the Holy Snake is destroyed,

the holy Bulls are burned, the so-called Heights are taken away.


Again the same is repeated in the re-writing of the New Testament

around the year 350AD when God the Mother is written out of the scriptures

and every aspect of ancient Christianity is erased.

The line of history becomes clear like a golden thread:

-the most ancient civilization in the world is the Goddess civilization

in the South West area of Europe: 9000-3000BC

-the Goddess attacked by male war gods from 3500BC until 630BC

Gradually the Goddess civilization is retreating

into other ways of religion:

the Hathor religion and Amon-Mut-Khontu in ancient Egypt;

the Dionysos and Orpheus religion in Bulgaria and Macedonia;

the religion of Jana and Janus in Western Europe.


Through ancient Egypt the golden line of history is kept unbroken into

the peaceful and loving Christian religion,

where the suffering God is dying for redemption,

where God the Mother is caring for her children.


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