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Crop Circles


Huge beings outside the crop circles




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Crop Circles


Susan and Robert have been studying the phenomena of Crop Circles

in all its aspects.

The changed energies that are being measured inside the Circles.

The chemical dust and residues sometimes found.

The light orbs being seen above the crop circles.

And recently beings photographed just outside the crop circles.

This is reason enough to give a webpage on this subject.

We have no direct answers.


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In Naarden we met at the Crop circle Center

the enthousiast researchers Janet Ossebaard

and the manager of the Center Monique Klinkenbergh.

The Crop circle Center is closed again.


We got special permission of Mrs. Klinkenbergh to publish on

some of the spectacular pictures made by Monique herzelf.

So the pictures of the cropcircles are explicitly

©Copyright 2009, 2011, 2012 of Monique Klinkenbergh.


This special bird is found in the fields of Wiltshire at June 15, 2009.


A question that is always coming up, is:

Are those crop circles fraude?

Some local jokers are certainly making some of these figures in the field.



The shafts of the grain of a fraudulous crop circle are broken.

A "real" crop circle has no broken shafts.

The shafts are bended about 110 degrees.


People have witnessed crop circles coming into existence in minutes, even seconds.

Susan and Robert spoke with witnesses of this remarkable fact.


Many people have seen light bulbs above new crop circles.

Colored lights have been seen circling in formation above crop circles.

Susan and Robert have spoken with witnesses and seen their footage.


Here is crop circle is found directly next to an archeological monument.

May 01, 2012


Again this crop circle is in harmony with the ancient horse figure.

July 25, 2011


August 7, 2011


Crop circles are being found all over the world.

Also in the Netherlands are crop circles being found.

The phenomenum is also very ancient.

Crop circles are described from centuries ago.



Well known is this pamphlet from 1686.

It is not sure that this old history is a real crop circle.

But it illustrates that the crop circle was known at that time.



More and more coded crop circles come into existence.

The code in these crop circles is researched very much.



The researcher Theo Wierdsma has very peculiar results.

He claims that some crop circles have vortex energy.

He found also sand circles, ice circles, tree circles.

He noticed low bass sounds near crop circles.


Theo claims that crop circles could be gateways to the stars.

Theo has the feeling that the crop circles

are bringing a code or energy to the Earth.


He is also picturing phenomena outside the crop circles.

The foto's show giant beings 3 to 4 meters high standing to guard the crop circles.

He showed pictures to us that looked very genuine on November 20, 2011


With veru special permission of Theo Wiersma

we publish this picture of the giant being next to the crop circle.


This giant being was pictured by Theo Wierdsma

in Martinsell Hill in 2009.

©2009 Theo Wierdsma


The Ley Line Group has also encountered giant beings like this.

See the page in the Maria chapel in Guttecoven.



The symbolism of the Crop Circles is amazing.

Many people are meditating upon the harmony of the crop circle.

This crop circle July 26, 2011

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