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The written history of the Ancient Christian religion

is almost completely destroyed.

There is almost no authentic written history

of early ancient Christianity,

because official church archives

and even the existant holy scripture have been rewritten

by many so-called editors during the years 300-350 AD.

Specially books and scrolls about early ancient Christianity

and the first centuries are destroyed by the

NT-groups. The history of Christianity in the centuries

before the New Testament has almost been erased.

For example:

The church of Marcion was in the first centuries (30-450 AD)

the biggest church in North Africa and Syria

and the biggest Christian denomination overall.

This church had many ancient Egyptian features

as well as Gnostic features. Very special was their thinking

about God the father as mentioned in the Old Testament.

They did not recognize the god Jahweh

as the god of the Christian church.

It is known that the Marcion church also

banished certain writingsand had holy writings

different from other Christian churches

of the apostles and the Christian churches of the Gnostics.

The church of Marcion can be seen as the first world-wide

organised Christian movement. We know something

about the church of Marcion because their annihilators

wrote about them to mock them and abuse them.


The followers of John the Baptist represent a group,

that certainly originates from before the Jesus religion.

The religious groups around John the Baptist were

even more fanatically erased then the church of Marcion.

Some say that the church of John the Baptist secretly still exists.

This is said to be recognizable in the works of art

of well known sculptures and painters.

If this is true, it would be interesting to see,

whether these hidden John the Baptist groups

still have archives available with ancient texts.

It is known that the successor of John the Baptist

is mentioned in the New Testament as Simon the Magus.

Simon was accompanied by a female priestess Helena.

The relation between Maria Magdalene and Helena is unknown.

But the significance of the presence of priestesses is sure.

Both women Maria Magdalene and Helena are mocked

and called bad names in the New Testament.

The second wave of banishing writings

came in the second century (130-200 AD),

even before the New Testament was being written,

many scriptures were banished

because they did not fit in with the goals

of the NT-groups of that time.

The so-called heresy-hunters were appointed and have done

their destructive work well in Egypt and Syria.

The third wave from 200 to 500 AD of banishing scriptures

came with the destruction of all non NT-churches,

like the church of Marcion (although Marcion apparently

honored the letters of Paul), the church of John the Baptist,

the Gnostics, the religion of Mani,

the believers of the Seth manuscripts,

the destruction of the ancient Egyptian religion

in the same time. Officially the year 552 AD is

seen as the end of the ancient Egyptian religion.

The burning of the library of Alexandria in Egypt

by the Romans around 290 AD was extremely tragical.

The back up of this big library in the temple of Serapis

was destroyed by the Christian church of the NT-groups in 391 BC.

This is also the period where the Roman military forces

where used to destroy every non-NT-group.

Is this the oldest Christian church in use?

Sveta Sofia in Sofia


The Christian church became the official church

of the Roman empire at about 362 AD.

This will certainly have had further repercussion

on the Christian churches outside the NT-groups.

The original Pagan religion of the Romans

was reduced and property was confiscated.

Without doubt many written scriptures have been erased

or altered to fit in with the opinions of

the NT-power groups.

Also the church of the Nestorians was thrown out

of the mainstream.

It is fashionable to put all guild of the destruction

of ancient scriptures on the emperor Constantine after 362 AD.

This is a tempting thought but not true at all.


The NT-church started the burning of books

directly while coming into existence.

One of the burnings is even mentioned in the New Testament.

It is the burning of books in Ephese.

The NT-writers claim, that Paul was before

his conversion a terminator of believers

but the reality is most probable different.

Some letters of Paul in the NT are authentic,

but many other letters of Paul are most probable

altered or not written by Paul at all.

The NT-groups tried to incorporate

the well known memory of Paul into

their believe system for gaining authority.

Paul was in his time (30-80 AD) very probable

a modern and spiritual

Christian with a veneration for the female

element in the Christian religion.

Gnostic writings of Paul have been found.


The Islamic invasion of Egypt left

the Christian churches of the Copts relatively in peace,

the fourth wave of destruction of Christian scriptures

came centuries later with

the reign of caliph al Hakim 996-1021 AD.


The fifth wave of destruction of scriptures and

church organizations came with the Inquisition

áof the Roman Catholic church during the Middle Ages,

álet us say from 600-1550 AD.

Every religious group that was not of the same belief

as the Roman Catholic church was tortured,

ádestroyed, killed, burned, erased.

Examples are:

the church of Arius in eastern Europe,

the church of Manicheus,

the Cathars,

the Albigenses,

the Bogimil church,

the Hussite church (now the Moravian church of the Hernhuters),

not to mention the destruction of Celtic and

Germanic religions in Europe,

the cultures of the Inca and the Aztecs

in the Caribbian and South America.

The fall of Constantinople (now Istanbul)

into the hands of the Venetian army around 1420

has again given destruction

áof writings of the Eastern churches.

áThe same happened by the crusaders,

áwho conquered and plundered Jerusalem.

Those crusaders burned and plundered many holy places.

It seems that important scriptures were brought

to Western Europe secretly and survived hidden until today.

The Roman Catholic crusade against the Cathars

in the south of France around 1244 has destroyed

much evidence of the true history of the Christian church.

It seems that the destruction of the Cathars also was meant

to destroy remnants of the order of Templars

and remnants of the John the Baptist churches

and other Greek traditions in the South of France.


Finally the Inquisition has chased away

the illustrious Arabic universities of Spain

and the Jewish population of many parts of Europe

as well as the belongings of many sects and heretics.

Certainly the Inquisition played a role in the witch hunt

in Europe and North America from 1200 to 1650 AD.

A conclusion could be, that at the end of the middle ages

áaround 1550 the history of Christianity was

almost completely destroyed and rewritten

by the Western NT-churches.


The church history as it is taught nowadays

is strongly influenced by the mainstream thinking

áof the surviving NT-churches.

Even many Prostestant churches are seeing

áthe church history

as the history of the NT-churches and

nothing is being taught about the other ways

of Christian spirituality.

Even well known scientific books still are mentioning

the Christian churches as the churches inside

the NT-power groups and do mention everything

else with other names as the Gnostic churches

or even as heretics, as if those churches

were not Christian at all.

During the years 1600 to 1800 AD the order of the Jesuites

had the secret instruction to destroy

the written tradition of

every non Roman Catholic religious group

around the world and that is what they did.

This secret instruction has been published,

but is normally not integrated

in the publications of church history.


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