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Welcome at the Frequently Asked Questions Page

of 78RPMradio


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How to use the M3U playlist?


As soon as you press any of the green arrows

in the playlist screen

a playlist m3u downloads to your computer.

M3U is a very much used playlist format

that plays on almost every mp3 player.


How may listeners do you have?

In july 2015 there have been 38,747 listeners.

Technically this means 28 connected lines average daily.


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Which software should be used?




The m3u playlist downloads immediately.

Give the download permission to download if necessary.

The standard music software on your PC will directly start playing.


Robert always uses WinAmp.

There are many more good mp3 players.

Like Quintessential or Foobar or VLC-media-player



Android Tablet:


The m3u downloads to the tablet.

The standard music program will start playing.

Sometimes it needs to be clicked upon.


Robert always uses ServeStream.



Android phone:


The internet browser will download the m3u.

The phone asks with what program to play.

There are many apps that will do the job.

Robert always uses Total Commander.



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Why a streaming service at


Robert feels connected with those ancient sounds, voices, songs

áof a world gone by for more then 75 years.

These songs are to be found on 78RPM records and on cilinders.

To keep these voices from the past being heard we try to stream them to you.



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Click the image below to go to the playlist area:

Click the image above to go to the playlist area.



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How does the playlist area look?


When you click the 78rpmradio image above you go to the playlist area.

It looks like this:

There are all kind of directories to be chosen by clicking on it.

(The directory "/78radio-page-one files" does contain this page and does not have any music).


The green arrows give you a playlist m3u.

You can also choose separate tracks.


When you click on the directory name,

you see the entries of every directory.



At the left you can choose every entry by clicking the little square.


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Why the m3u format?


The Andromeda software that we are using allows the following

playlist formats:


m3uá asxá ram


We have chosen for m3u because it is worldwide used.



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What are our plans with streaming radio?


After we have collected a lot of experience

with this streaming service,

we are thinking of starting radio services

with regulair broadcast through the internet.



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You may e-mail:

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Updated September 19, 2016


Everything on this website:

Copyrightę2002-2016 by Robert and Susan



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