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on February 14



It's here again,

áwe have another chance to spread the word of Love.

Oh but not, in a quick obligated way

but in a very real and special way.


Instead of just seeing this day as a commercial day

áto do the consumer shuffle, why not think of a creative way

áto tell someone that you love and care for them.

You could make a card, instead of buying one.

You could make a cake in the shape of a heart.

You could make some heart shaped cookies

and bring them to work or school to share.

On an electronic modern note, you could send

an email Valentine to everyone in your office or class,

átelling each of them that your appreciate them

ájust as an individual.

If you are in a relationship with someone

and you live with them, you could put a card

into their lunch or suit jacket

that they will find during the course of the day.

If you have a love and they live apart from you,

you can invite them out to dinner,

or make that person a special meal.

Or together the two of you could make special delicacies

áthat you thought about making but never did because

it was too difficult or too much to make alone.

You could explore this new avenue of culinary cusine together.

If you are without a mate, you could spend that day

áor a part of it giving in some way, to a person in your family,

áa parent, a handicapped relative, or a forgotten relative

áor any person in need. Perhaps you could reach out

to that aunt of yours who would love to hear from you.

áAnother possibility would be for you to use this day of love

áto mend a bruised relationship, perhaps a former best friend.

áThe important thing is that you reached out.

It is no reflection on you how that person

perceives your reaching out. If they have any kind of love

in their heart at all, then they cannot

ignore your kindness and giving of love to them.

They are not feeling very worthy at this point.

Remember, it is a blemish on their soul,

not yours as they are the person

who is not opening to an outreach of love.

They may respond to your outreach of love

when you least expect it, sometime in the future.

áAlso some people are only ready to open up

to animals because a dog or cat does not disagree with them

and they do not have to hide their jealousies with an animal.

Know that if they cannot open up to your love,

then they do not really know what love is.

They need your pity and not your anger.

It takes a certain maturity to love another human being.

And it takes a higher vibration to love someone

who is not being loving even though you are open to them.

Just send them love with your thoughts and who knows,

someday they may come to a realization in their life

and unexpectedly reach back and welcome you into their life.

Right at this moment they may have superficial distractions

that stand in the way of a flow of love.

It may also be a good idea to reach out to someone new.

áPerhaps you may bring some flowers to a lonely

or new neighbor. Perhaps you want to make a new collegue

áor a new student feel welcomed. Bring them something

áto drink or offer one of those heart-shaped cookies

you baked up or even ones that you bought

if you had no inclination or time to bake.

The important thing is to make some sort of

gesture of love especially to someone you love

but also to someone who is in need of love.

In fact, the more love you can spread,

the better. Because it is what the world

has too little of and what it needs the most!


Thank you for spreading the LOVE !!!

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