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Positive Choices

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Positive Choices

will heal the planet


Dear Beautiful People,


Know that you are beautiful.

Know that you are God.

Know that you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

Dreams them but don't waste them on superficial things.


Do you want to take the last bowlful of water and

use it to wash your muddy gun or do you want to use it

to drink or to give it to a child to drink.

If I told you that you have all the power in the world for say

one minute, what would you do with this power?á


Would you use it to create weapons or to create food or

flowers or shelter?


Would you use it to contribute in a

positive way to the world or in a negative way?

You have this choice to make now.

What is it you want to do?

Are you able to do it.

Sometimes people are in the right place at the right time.

In that instance, everything just unfolds.

Sometimes we may get an idea and then that idea will

áeither blossom or hibernate until it is time.

I have such an idea for the right candy company.

I am faithful that when the time is right it

will be something that will help propel me forward and

help the planet at the same time.


In the meantime I do what I can to create peace in my life,

in my body and in my relationship.

I also pray for world peace and truly want to see it now already.

I realize that many people on this planet are wounded in some way.

It may even be as high as everyone or almost everyone.

We first need to realize this before we

can take the next step toward healing both humans and the earth.


When we know in our hearts that many are wounded,

we can have compassion when others do something

that is insensitive or inhumane.

This does not mean that what they did is now acceptable

ábut it makes it understandable.

Does a man steal to become rich or to feed a hungry stomach?


This is what we need to understand.

What was the reason or series of events that bring

someone to do harm?

Perhaps if that person is healed, they will no longer do harm.


In Love and Light,


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