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Happy Sprouting


A sprout is a germinating seed.

áIt is the first little growth of a young plant

áthat emerges from the seed. It often starts out

as white in colour but as it receives sunlight,

it turns green. It is a helio-tropes, which means

that it follows the movement of the sun

from sunrise to sunset.



What can be sprouted?


Most kinds of grains, nuts, and

vegetable seeds as well as beans

can be sprouted.



Why sprout?


One of the big advantages of sprouting is

they are a valuable source of lots of vitamins,

minerals and proteins. They also contain high-enzyme

activity. Sprouts are a wonderfully creative ingredient

for any salad. Various university studies

(Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania)

acknowledge that there are huge increases of Vitamin C

as the sprouting process advances. This tiny easy

to digest plant is at its peak nutritional value.



Amazing Nutrition


As a seed is releasing all of its stored ingredients,

áthis burst of vitality surges to become a mature plant

and you get the very best of what a seed has to offer.

What is amazing is that sprouts have a greater concentration

of protein, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, RNA, DNA,

ábio-flavinoids, T-cell, and more than at any other point

in it'sá life--even when compared

with the fully matured vegetable! For example,

the total Vitamin B content is increased 100%

during the sprouting procedure according

to Dr. Parl Burkholder of Yale University.

Dr. Jeffrey Bland who is a Biochemist and

áProfessor at the University of Puget Sound

says that everyone could gain from eating sprouts.

During research, he found that six cups of

sprouted lentils contain the ful RDA of protein

which was about 60 grams in an easy to digest form.

Lentil and other bean sproutsá (pound for pound)

contain as muchá protein as red meat and

without all the fat and cholestorol and

withá large amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.





Since sprouts are baby plants,

they have very delicate cell walls

which release live nourishment easily.

Their nutrients exist in an elemental form

and because they are loaded with enzymes

they are easy to digest even for those

with weak digestion.

Also of note is that when germination occurs,

proteins are broken down into amino acids

and some new protein is synthesized.

While sprouting, much of the starch

is converted into natural sugars.

This improves the digestibility of sprouts

because in many of these seeds,

fats disappear and are replaced by carbohydrates.





Put a teaspoon of seeds into a jar

with 4 times as much water. Make sure the top has

a screen or cheesecloth attached tightly on the top.

Soak overnight. Drain the next day.

Refill with freesh water,

swish it around and drain again.

Put the jar on it's side

so that any excess water can drain out slowly.

In about a day the sprouts will begin to grow.

Rinse and drain sprouts daily

until they are fully sprouted depending

on the type of seeds you used.

There are certain times for each type of seed.

Check these and utilize.


Healthy Sprouting!




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