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Just as we need food, clothing and shelter,

áwe also need peace. It is a right that clings

to our beingness as a cub to his mother.

It is our birth right.

áAnd yet this basic right has been taken

from some of us slowly and steadily

and from others swiftly and harshly.

The latter know it clearly.

But the former either don't realize it

yet or those that do are those who have been subjected

to the lack of it in certain situations.



Criticism either makes us angry or hurts us deeply.

áSome have gotten to a point where it does not touch them.

áIt could be because they are so numbed by pain

that it does not matter any more. Others have a knowingness

inside themselves that allows them to know that others

áhave a need to criticize because they feel they are less.

áIn order to make themselves feel more important

they become the judge and attempt to belittle others.


Anyone can possess the knowledge

that someone criticizes because they feel inferior

but that knowledge alone is not enough. If a person has been

áput down in their life as a child

then when they are an adult and

are criticized this could just make them feel worse.

Forcing someone into the mud does not make

them feel better about themselves.


If you really want to help someone

to improve him or herself,

then you can just let them know in a friendly manner

áwhich way would be better for them to do this.

This is called constructive criticism.

It improves the situation with hurting anyone.



This is another right that is quickly dwindling.

If we do not take care of this baby

it will disappear completely.

There are only small pocket of it left.

We need to pray for the freedom of all people

all over this beloved planet NOW.


We may think we live in a country or island

where we have it but just try to be different

even in a positive way and you will see.

Many have thought that they could demonstrate,

only to find that they are attacked, even those

who were standing in "safe zones"

off to the side of these events.

We should have the right to express discontent,

áthe right to stand up for ourselves,

for others and even for this beautiful planet.

But just interview those that did and were beaten,

sprayed with pepper or thrown into jail.

No you do not usually read about this in the newspapers

but todays news and different events are now found

at the site of alternative news websites on the internet.

I recommend that you track them down.


I know it is easy to be a couch potato or

to bury your head in the sand but there are people

out there who are working for freedom. They do it not just

áin demonstrations, but they travel to places

where there is need, they start or

contribute to alternative newspapers

, magazines or websites, they pray for, or work

to help people to be released from jail

who do not belong there, they work as volunteers

for specific projects, they write books,

they enlighten friends, strangers or family,

they write letters to politicians,

corporations or other places of power

to help whatever situation calls for help.

In short, they work and contribute however they feel

they can at that time to help create a better world.




The age of innocence is gone.

There is a group of people on this planet

who have worked hard to get rid of it so that

they can control you in every that they can.

Oh, you may not know it because you buy into brainwashing.

It is an easy thing to do.

Stepping out of the box is difficult.

(Not really but some think that it is.)

It does take some time and some effort.

But the rewards are priceless,

maybe not instantaneously but in the end,

when their is world peace and freedown

we will all benefit.

Right now 10 percent of the population control

about 90 percent of the worlds wealth.

Those that control the wealth also control the newspapers,

tv, radio, drug companies, banks and much much more.


You have been duped in every way

that could be through taxes, high

and compounded interest on loans

which comes by way of "created money"

(money which does not exist),

low interest rates on savings accounts,

ingredient lists on foods (no, they do not reveal all),

lack of ingredient lists on cigarettes,

ágenetically modified products, irrediated products,

áside effects of things you ingest, put on your face,

or into your garden. I could go on and on

but this scratches the surface.

With a little research you can find all of this yourself.

If you do not already know all this,

do make the effort to be informed.



Here is a news flash for you.

You are the super hero who is going to save the world.

Even if all you can do is pray, by jove,

I suggest that you do it because we need to turn

this situation around and turn it around fast.


First get informed.

Check out all the alternative sources

of info that you can. Then share this with others.

Then become involved in whatever way is right for you.

Also encourage others to get involved too.

We need everyone to get involved. Those that do not will

ánot get on the ark so do not waste time

trying to convince anyone. If someone is not open

then move on to the next. We need the willing,

not those who will drag us down.

Those who are really spiritual/humanistic will be

the ones that will be open.

Those are the ones we can count on.

Also realize that some will not help out of fear.

áFear is lack of love,

so send them love and be hopeful

that they will someday be able to help.


In love and light,


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