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There are two ways to




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There are two ways to

create positive energy



Many of us sense that we are poised at a precipice,

almost ready to take a big leap but only almost.

We will only jump if it is absolutely necessary.

Why? Probably because we know that when we jump it will

create such a drastic change that it will change all

that is now familiar to us,

to all that is not familiar to us.

We are afraid of the unknown,

even if the known is not at all

beneficial to us as a planet,

as a people, or as individuals.

We need to be assured that

if we change ourselves or bring about change,

then this new environment should not be far removed

from what is presently familiar to us.


Yes, we want it to be better but not too different.

So only when we are forced to jump, will we indeed jump.

For the moment, we prepare.

Well, some of us. Others pretend to be

an ostrich with their heads in the sand, fooling themselfs

into believing that nothing is wrong

because it feels safe to think this way.

This however, is not always the best course to follow.

It is better that we know first of all,

that all is not right on this stage of life

before we can know how to go from there.

Which course of action or inaction do you follow?

Be aware that inaction is also a choice.

It gets you nowhere.

áAt this point in the history of the earth,

sitting on the fence is no longer an option.

How do you preceive the world?

Do you feel the tension in the air?

It feels as if something big is about to happen?

And if that be the case, what do you preceive that to be?


Is it the doom and gloom scenerios that negative ones

want us to believe or can we turn this around?

Is the glass half empty or half full?

The real question is: what do YOU want it to be?

Do you realize that you have the power to change this?

You do. So why not give it a go?

Don't try because trying implies not doing.

We must focus first on the accomplishing

of the intended goal and then take action.

It is like this. Say for example that you are addicted

to cigarettes and you say that you want to stop.

When you really decide that you really DO want to stop,

you will succeed, no matter what it takes.


Do you know about the mother who picked up a car

off of her small child?

She did not have the strength to do that.

However, she just focused on the goal of having

that car off of her child and she did not know how

but she moved forward and

found herself lifting a car weighing

hundreds of pounds from her child.

You may ask yourself how can I, one person,

do something to change the world?

Well, start by looking deep inside yourself

or into the eyes of your children and answer this:

how can I not?

You have the power to think, to focus, to pray,

to sit quietly therefore you have the power

to change the direction of negativity.

When you focus on that goal with enough power,

you will not know how, but you will just know

when and how to act to create that goal.

Do you think that it takes everyone on this planet

to bring about an alternate scenerio?

Do you know about the hundred monkey theory?


A study conducted off the coast of Japan in the 50's

with a certain tribe of monkeys noticed that the monkeys

were crazy about sweet potatoes

but not if they had been dropped

in the sand. One of them was taught to wash off

the sweet potato in water and then the sweet potato

was once again relished.

This 18 month old female called Imo

then taught this to her mother and playmates

who then taught it to others.

Scientists observed that

when a certain number of monkeys knew how to do this

washing skill, say 100 of them,

this skill was then remarkably

known to not only the whole tribe but to monkeys

on neighboring islands

who had no contact with the orginal tribe.

We do not all have to reach the stage of consciousness

but when enough of us do, it will create a breakthrough

that will help us all to awaken. Or at least all of us

who are open to awakening.

There are currently about 6 billion people on this planet.

It could take forever for all of them to wake up.

But if only a certain percentage need to awaken

then there is hope.

Maybe you are number 99 or your mother or son is,

then we only need one more person.

So please pass on all the love

and positive energies,

messages and deeds that you can.

I know that many are disillusioned

by the state of the state,

the state of religion, or the state of health care, etc.

But we can work towardá changing this.


There are two ways to create more positive energy.

One is through positive action in

whatever way is appropiate to you.

The other is to not contribute to negative energy.

Do not say something that is

negative or untrue about someone.

This is hurting.á It hurts them,

others that care about them and you.

You can also not buy a mainstream newspaper,

or do not listen to mainstream tv or radio.

You can start by not contributing to an arguement or

disagreement. Do not encourage someone to seek revenge.

Instead point out that it is wiser to have compassion.



Do not contribute to any organization that is negative.

This has been known to backfire

áon those that do at some point.

But then contribute to a positive one with money,

prayers or volunteer work.

Read or listen to the alternative press.

Tell a person you disagree with that he is right

(blue is better than red)

or say that you don't really know

and leave it at that. After all, do you want to be

right or do you want to be healthy and less stressed?

Some agruments are just not worth it.

The things or agruments

that you do deem important are ones

that you can do something about, like writing a letter,

putting an ad in the paper,

organizing a peaceful demonstration.

You can also tell the other person that you disagree

with them but you found their opinion interesting or

informative or that you respect what they had to say.

There are many ways to diffuse aá situation.

This is a matter of training and

maturity which can be at any age.

We need to do things that contribute to a peaceful way.

This means being creative and responsible.

At some demonstrations,

people dress up in elaborate costumes

or as clowns or as animals.

This is a positive way to bring

attention to a useful message.

And this attracts positive news coverage.

We can start by looking for the good in people

or for what we like or appreciate about them

instead of the opposite.

Even these little things contribute

to creating a more positive world.

Every little bit helps.

And when others see you doing this,

it will give them the idea to be this way as well.

It is like throwing a pebble into a pond.

These good deeds will ripple out to more and more people.

And the person that you now are seeing the good in,

even a little bit will feel the good vibes from you

and feel better about him or herself just a little bit.



If you have the inclination to tell him or her

that you appreciate something about them,

that could make their day.

Or it could at lease be the difference

between the breaking point

and feeling better about themselves.

This could effect how they treat others in their life,

like their wife or children or the neighbor

or in how well they do their job. And that could effect

how their family or co-workers feel about themselves

and that in turn can ripple out toward others around them.



So you see, by doing one good act

how it can have such a ripple effect

and help more and more people.

It has been shown that when children are treated

in a positive way by their teachers,

they respond in a positive way.

The opposite is also true.

So how we treat others is important

for their own self-esteme,

and for their family, friends and acquaintances.

It is also important for you,

in knowing how to be socialable

and to give people a chance. You also teach others how

to treat someone in a shared environment

such as in your job or in a club.



Another thing that must be curtailed is gossip

áwhich is saying something negative

about someone else who is not there.

That does not mean you cannot state facts

that are relevant to a particular situation

in order to save someone from another who is negative.

It means purposely talking about someone in a negative way

áwho is not relivant to your life.

Be aware that gossip can be very damaging.

Many falsehoods are passed around which can

and has harmed many people. You may be listening to

or passing on information which incriminates someone

who is really innocent to these assumptions.

Imagine if it happened to you or to someone that you love.

Sometimes people are incriminated just

because of the colour of their skin

or in the case of mistaken identity,

or being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

It is better not to make any judgements rather

than make the wrong one. Unless you are walking

in the shoes of another, you do not know how they feel

or what suffering they have been through.



All you can really do is to pray for them

that they have a better understanding,

feel better about themselves, and that they are guided by wisdom

and love. Notice that these are things you could

also easily ask for yourself.á Perhaps while you are

asking this for the other, you could also ask

for this for yourself and then you will both

have the benefit of a better understanding.

When everyone has these qualities,

the world will be a much better place.

Isn't that what we really want?


A better understand and wisdom and love

áis a great mix for creating a better world

to live in, don't you think?

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