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A definition of Secret History


Writing about Secret History asks for definitions.

Definitions are not always easy.

The concept of hidden history is intuitively clear.

Propaganda is trying to manipulate our feelings and concepts.

A lot of things are hushed up, sometimes not on purpose,

but because of a general mind frame.

History and archeology are sciences like all others.

Scientists and also you and me are modelling reality.

Reality is very complex and disturbing.

By making a model of a field of interest

things are understandable and falling into place.


1. Creation or Evolution.

Two models of science, both unlikely.

One model sees our visible world

as the product of divine intelligence.

The other model sees the visible world emanating slowly

from the dead material into higher life forms.

2. Continuity or discrete points.

When I had discussions with my mathematics professors

they stated that this modelling discussion

was old fashioned and not actual anymore.

When I have discussions with physics professors or

theology professors, they became enthusiastic

and said that this modelling discussion is as actual as can be.

Is reality a smooth substance or is it a bunch of loose dots?

3. Human history

Family of the chimpansee or long-lasting complex history.

These models are very actual, although it sometimes seems

that the chimpansee model is taken for granted.

Modelling reality was maybe the only way of surviving

in the jungle. To see structure in the chaos

of incoming perceptions could make the early recognizing

of wild animals a matter of survival.

My statement is that the hushing up of history or

the rewriting of history has several motives:

1. modelling history from the viewpoint of a scientific theory,

2. pure propaganda for political reasons,

3. religious reasons to fit history into the believe system,

4. a mind set because of hear say.


Point 4 is very important, because we all grew up with

the stories of home, myths and fairy tales.

Many myths and fairy-tales are absolutely true.

Sometimes it is the only information we have.

But there are also pure faked stories,

which unhappily have their believers.


The webpages about Secret History are based upon

my analyses of trends in history.

I could be wrong, but anyway I try to show

our readers of

that there is more to it,

then it seems to be.


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