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Crystal Ball


One of the instruments one can find in

the Office of Robert is a small Crystal Ball.

I can't afford a big one, but a small Crystal Ball

áalso gives a lot of insight.

There are more instruments, like the pendulum,

the Tarot cards, the "normal" card deck, domino stones,

áthe Lecher antenna, the gemstones, I-Ching, runes.


Somehow the Crystal Ball is often looked upon

as a gypsy instrument or used to predict the future and

somehow the crystall ball is discarded as non usable.


Gypsy native people and somnabule psychics and

many other psychics are using Scrying

as one of their ways of looking into other dimensions.


This is what it means:

The Crystall Ball is a way of Scrying.

Scrying means that the reflection of a mirroring surface is used

to see the invisible other dimensions.


With similar results a mirror can be used or

a watersurface. The image inside a mirror,

áa watersurface or a Crystall Ball

is seen through an entrance into another dimension

áor a parallel universe.

When I walk along a mirror I always look into it,

because it is always a surprise

what room or landscape and who I will see there.


Some psychics like to have candles burning

around their Crystal Ball

and a black surface or cloth below and behind it.

This is because the crystall ball needs some background light.


Nevertheless in the last months (spring 2009) I often woke up

in the middle of the night, because light was coming out

áof the crystall ball on my nighttable.

After some nights I covered the crystall ball with a plastic hull.

What I saw in the crystall ball during those nights,

was a procession with torches,

slowly and solemny going towards the Goddess church

out of my Vision of the Goddess Church.

Very much the same vision I had in 2005, see below.



Robert has the Crystal Balls standing

in front while working.

When during daylight the Ball goes dark,

there is an image.

When during night time the Ball gives a faint light,

áthere is an image too.

When Robert is not at the desk, the Ball is covered.


Example 1:


January 21, 2005; 01.00h


Pink light came out of

the Crystal ball softly glimmering.

I did hold the Ball in front of my eye

with my left hand and

I saw a beach, with trees to the right and

ocean waves to the left.

So it was a North beach somewhere.


The light of the sunset made some dark looking clouds

appear to be pink at the bottom of the clouds.

The beach reflected white in the pink light.

The sunset went fast,

so it was a tropical sunset at an ocean North beach.


A procession of slowly walking people moved

along the beach towards the setting sun.

The procession made a religious impression on me.

I could not see any detail of their clothing,

because the sunlight came from behind them,

which made them like look very dark.


Does this image have any meaning?

I don't know. It will clarify some time.


Example 2:

June 23, 2005, 03:32h


I sawá a black snake,

at ease lighting in a bundle, which looked

very much like one of those Celtic symbols.

The little head of the snake

was restlessly looking around

with very clear yellow eyes.


The snake is a holy animal of the goddess.

So maybe she announcing a new vision

in the coming days or weeks.


There are also glass balls in use.

Ofcourse they are much cheaper then crystal ones.

Glass is very usable, like also mirrors of glass.


Personally I never liked a glass ball.

Somehow the substance and cold darkness of a glass ball

do not appeal to me.


The warm light vibrating out of a Crystal Ball

is inviting and full of vibration.



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