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Robert is writing books with the titles:



1. Ancient Roots of Christianity;

Parts of this book are published

already on this website

See the Ancient Christianity pages



Robert is also researching:

the remnants of the ancient religion

of the Goddess.

The religion of the Goddess is erased from Western culture.

More and more people are questioning this change

of civilization, who did this,

why was this being done,

and who is at the moment behind the policy of

keeping the Goddess out of religion?

What has been destroyed then,

and what is done even now to keep you and me ignorant?

See also

the original religion of Western Europe


Robert will also bring a book with all the visions he had of the Goddess.



The Secrets hidden in History,

the truth behind rewritten history.

Almost all history is at some time being rewritten,

most of the times because the culture changed,

or because values and moral changed.

But more often history is changed in the interest

of power groups, who are justifying their existence

by changing the values of ancient civilisation.

See also:

the secret history page


2. Daily life Magic

See the magick starter


3. Tarot guide to the Spirits

See the Tarot starter

Robert is typing the manuscript

Spirit Introduction to the Tarot

according to the ancient religion

In september 2005

this manuscript will be ready for publishing.


4. Spirit experiences.

See the archive of spirit places

There are many places where forces, energies and Spirits

are more visible and touchable.

These places have their story and their properties.

Robert makes pictures, gives visiting reports,

and will tell the stories of these places.


Dimension Gateways have been in history

very well known places and also today

there are dimension gateways.

Ancient temples were very often dimension gateways.

See also:

the Dimension gateway index


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ancient christianity

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