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Robert's advice for psychic people

certainly also for indigo children and

psychic teenagers.



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Advice for psychic people,

also for indigo-children and

also for psychic teenagers.


Psychic people are people who have supernatural

and paranormal abilities and experiences.


I don't know your psychic abilities,

nor who and where you are.

I like to give advice, because I had to live all my life with visions,

with lucid dreams, with people reacting upon me,

with things suddenly happening that should not happen.


My first advice is:


Step into your abilities.


Accept the things you are in,

but make your own choices!

Your are not a servant of the thing happening.

You are central in these happenings

and you can decide what you want and what you don't want!


When you have to fear for your life, better move elsewhere,

because living outside your psychic abilities

and hiding your supernatural experiences,

is an unhealthy way of living.


The psychic world is rich and surprising.

Use your talents for the enlightment of mankind.

Make your choices for the good you can do

with you special talents.

May be you are able to heal,

then use it.

May be you are able to fing things,

then find them.

May be you are able to hear and see things,

then write them down.


My second advice is:


You are very valuable.

See and accept your own value.



I have supernatural talents since I was born.


My lifelong experiences are amazing,

even for myself, even today.

Nowhere could i ever tell my story.

Not at school, not to family,

not to friends.

Only my mom had psychic feelings too,

but she never told about it for fear.


I searched for my spirituality in churches,

but it was not there.

Reverends and elders have condemned me in many ways.


They said:

I could not be saved from my sins.

I would never enter heaven.

I had to repent for my experiences.


Don't accept condemnations,

feel your own value!

When people don't accept your value,

shake the dust of your feet and go elsewhere,

like the Gospel says it.



Also in the e-mail of

I get many warnings that I will be lost in hell.





It was a long way for me to accept my abilities.


It took me 20 years before I accepted my childhood visions.

I tried to follow the Christian way.

This brought me much comfort,

but I could do nothing with my supernatural experiences.


There has been a moment,

that I decided to follow my own personal abilities.


Now many years later

I am more open to tell about my recent visions.

I am more open to use my abilities for others.

It feels good.


Even now I have many times my hesitation to tell others.

Because friends and relatives do not always accept.

Neighbours are almost certainly being shocked.

Employers are suddenly doubting my contract.

But many others recognize deep in their hearts

the same experiences, the same moments of insight.

The new generations are much more spiritual.



So my third advice is:


accept your psychic talents.


Ask people for advice.

Explain to your parents that you need their help.

Choose for the bright side.

Psychic feelings are alway directed towards the light.

Help people with your abilities.

Spread health and peace over this planet!


This advice has been on for a long time.

Many parents and psychic youngsters have e-mailed me and Susan

áthat they are glad

they followed

this advice and stepped into their own abilities.


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