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The secret history of

power and fortune


This is not a socialist webpage,

nor does this webpage bring an opinion about good or evil,

but this webpage gives a view of secret history.

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Secret history is the hushing up of important historical knowledge

by rewriting history to reach a hidden goal.

The line of history is very long and unbroken.

Even before the rise of the African, the Middle Eastern

and Eastern world into what now is called Antiquity

the line of history is unbroken.

We see the rise of the empire of China,

the lost civilisation of the Gobi desert,

the rise of the Indus valley and the Indian continent,

the rise of Mesopotamia with the Sumerians,

the rise of ancient Egypt with the pharaoh dynasties,

the ancient cities in the Ural Mountains and the Hittite nations,

even the mysterious "sea-peoples" who maybe were the Phoenicians.

All these civilizations are within two thousand years

árising into magnificent empires with written history.

Certainly this had a reason.

The subject of this webpage is to emphasize,

that the line of power and fortune is unbroken

as is the line of history as a whole,

because there is this secret history

of power, money and immense fortune.

In the books of Gibbon, "Decline and Fall of

the Roman empire" we read the descriptions of the endless

richness of the Roman families.

This book of Gibbon is one of the few references where we

see the power and richness of influential families fully described.

Words are not sufficient for these descriptions,

even Gibbon has no words enough to describe the infinite power.


We can only dream about the immense richness and power of

the Egyptian families who could order and pay the building

of about 400 stone piramids and thousands of immense temples,

decorated with precious art.


The same for the famous hanging gardens of Babylon,

the ancient mining operations in Southern Africa

by Sumerian expeditions,

the porcelain cities of the Ural and in recent Turkey,

the floating cities of the Chinese emperors,

where the printing of books was a normal thing

thousands of years ago.

In modern times books have been written about

so-called blood lines of influential families.

Personally I am not interested whether there

are 12 or 13 bloodlines,

but it seems, that families or organizations of ancient times

have conserved these enormous powers and richnesses

of the ancient civilizations into the present time.


Many clues in history are pointing to the existence

of an older civilization before Antiquity, before

the emergence of the Egyptian civilization.

For example the existence of the highly developed writing

of hieroglyphs from the first moment of Egyptian history.

Developing a high level writing as the hieroglyphs are,

takes a real long time, which lies entirely

before the known history of Egypt.

The same for the construction of alabaster jars,

where the hard material is used to make those stone bottles

with small entrances, smooth and thin.


Somehow the secret history of power and fortune starts

at this very ancient first civilization.

Sometimes an insight in hidden treasures is given,

like the hidden treasure of the Templars

or the hidden Ark of the Covenant.

But this secret history is about real used influence

ábased upon infinite resources and powers

based upon immense fortunes.


The nice earnings of modern billionaires are

not in discussion here. I wish them much enjoyment and good health.

I hope they don't forget to share with the poor.

These modern earnings are only a crumb

compared to the whole bread.

The fortunes of the ancient Roman families in the Roman empire

were already unmeasurable.

With two thousand extra years of interest

and revenue the amounts we are talking about

are much more then only billions.

Wars are being financed by those organizations or families,

many times governments are based upon these secret powers,

the flow of money through the world economy is based

upon unseen decision makers.


The same forces that constructed the eternal hieroglyphs

inside the piramids and temples of Egypt,

that financed the conquest of the America's,

that financed the second World War,

are writing the secret history of world economy.

It is known that the tribe of the Lombards (North of Italy)

was once an instrument in this world theater.

Maybe the crusade against Waldenses and Albigenses

was an element in this power play.

This webpage is not a protest,

but an awareness of the lines of history.


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