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Overcome your mind set


The most difficult thing in life is to overcome

the mind set.

For many years I had the mind set, that

psychic knowledge is not correct and very wrong.


Church and school were pushing into me

the approved facts of the illuminati,

which they want us to believe:


God is a man (not true).


There are no psychics (not true).


The governments are always doing the right things (not true).


Animals are for using them (not true).


Lobsters don't feel pain (not true).


Adam was given the Earth to rule and use (not true).


The docter is always right (not true).


The hospital is a holy place,

where the white coats never have to be checked out,

whether they are doing the right things (not true).


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I have several university degrees and I taught

physics at university level.

I learned, that university is the promoting the Mind Set.


The university only thinks in traditional ways.


Science is a religion.




Monkeys do cry,

while they are being used for testing.


I heard their shouting,

I saw their tears.


Monkeys love each other, like we love each other.

They love it to see their family,

their brothers, sisters.


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Now here is something to overcome the mind set:


When you look into a mirror,

don't predict what you will see,

but let your eyes be curious.


When you look into a crystal ball

in deep darkness,

where does that faint light come from,

which you see in there?


Believe what you see.

Don't let anyone dictate you what you see!


When you are in a wonderous place with light

and darkness and a special athmosphere,

look around to see the faeries.


Not everybody you see on the street

is alive, like you are.


When you feel something moving

and you have a glimpse in the corner of your eye,

there is something moving indeed.


When a Tarot card appeals to you,

listen to your feelings

and try to understand what you feel.

You will know what it means.


When people tell you

how far away distant stars are,

remember that space is curved

and light travels also in curves,

not along straight lines.

The far away star could be near by.


Walking through a door or a gate,

can bring you in another time or dimension.

Not everybody you meet,

is in the same time as you are.

Not everything you see is

in the same dimension as you are.


When you feel there is something special out there,

very likely you are right.


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Try to know what you are feeling and seeing,

the moment you have a sense of knowing,

indeed you know.


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Note down your experiences.

It will make you more self assured.


Read regularly what you have written, because

maybe the things you saw today are connected.


Try to remember the many moments

when you were a kid and did not have

the Mind Set yet.


Did you have special youth experiences?

I had.


And I remember more and more.

Don't be afraid of your memories.

Note them down.


Do away with your Mind Set.

Don't believe what they make you to believe!!



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