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Dolmen D54 at Havelte, Netherlands


The dolmen "hunebed D54" is very beautiful.

The place seems to be undisturbed and unexcavated.

The hunebed seen from the East.

One top stone is missing.

The other stones are still in the same position as they were place long ago.

Archeologists are concluding that these dolmens were built

during the period 3400BC until 3100BC.

The "Funnel Beaker Culture" pottery is found in the chambers

áof the dolmen here in the Netherlands.

Nevertheless there are very strong arguments,

that this culture was using the hunebeds long after the real megalithic builders

had left the area. This would place the original building time much earlier.

Anyway the "Funnel Beaker Culture" people were using

these dolmen during 500 years as burial places.

Like all dolmen in the Netherlands the ancient megalithic temples

or burial places are used as camping places and climbing play toys.

The area around the hunebed is not separated.

The ancient stones are used as climbing places in the kindergarten.

Specially the D54 dolmen is significant, since apparently the place is undisturbed.

Also the chamber is less high as in other dolmens,

because the content in the soil has not been taken away yet.

Interestingly the standing stones still have the special angle.

Clearly less height then other disturbed places.

This should be an extra reason for respectful use of the area.

There is only one small entrance stone somewhat separate from the main body.

This could indicate missing stones at the entrance.

Also the holy circle of stones around the hunebed is missing.

The orientation of the entrance of the hunebed is SouthWest.

The picture is from West.

From South West.

The grass around the hunebed is "walked away" like in a kindergarten play area.

There was even some digging going on around the stones.

Kids playing beach games, or treasure hunters?

From North.

From East.

From South.

Susan studying the chamber.

Measuring earth energies around D54 is almost impossible

because of the daily disturbance of the place.

The intuitive feeling of the place is very light and very illuminated.

When the grave hill was still over the dolmen,

the grave hill would have a golden aura.

The stones feel positive and warmhearted.

Perhaps being here in wintertime gives measurable lines.


All pictures Copyrightę2007 by Robert and Susan

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