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Megalithic temple D53

Hunebed at Havelte


Havelte has two dolmen "hunebed" very near to each other.

Both dolmen are very much used or perhaps misused for tourist activities.

This hunebed D53 is very large and has a special ancient entrance.


Most dolmen in the Netherlands have been built between 3400BC until 3100BC.

This conclusion came from the beautiful earthenware found in the chambers,

gifts to the deceased into the other dimension.

These earthenware gifts were all from the "Trechter Beker Cultuur"

or"Funnel Beaker Culture".

This does not prove that the dolmen have this age.

In my opinion the Trechter Beker people has been using the dolmen

for their purposes long after the disappearance of the original builders.

This is a so-called "inculturation".


My arguments are:

** These Trechter Beker People have used dolmen only in the Netherlands and

in the North West of Germany, but nowhere else,

although they lived in a much bigger area.

** Dolmen are found everywhere in Europe, England, Scotland, the Middle East,

even in other continents, but nowhere else are Trechter Beker People involved.

** Also in later times "hunebeds" have been used by other nations or cultures.

Famous is the Saxon king who wanted to be buried in a dolmen around 800AD!


So my opinion is that the hunebeds are in reality much older then 3400BC.


The entrance is in the middle of the hunebed, oriented towards the South.

This hunebed D53 has a very compleet entrance party of three stones,

making the entrance into a little corridor.



The chamber is spacious and long.

Perhaps there has been a subdivision in more chambers,

but we dont know.

Seen from East to West.

This hunebed was almost destroyed by the German occupiers in WWII,

but the archeological expert Mr. Van Giffen did hide the hunebed

until after the liberation. In 1949 this hunebed was restaurated.

The undergound is disturbed and energies are difficult to measure.


Energies are also disturbed by the continous presence of tourists,

who have the habit of climbing the stones.

There is no separation of the terrain,

nor is there any respect for the old monuments.


The entrance.

Seen from the East.

An energetic impression:

The powerful atmosphere is impressive whatever happened.

Apparently the stones themselves are influencing their environment.


There are still 51 dolmens in the Netherlands.

Their existence is threatened.

Some of them have even been built all around with new suburbs.

Some evil people tried to explode a hunebed, so the roof stones broke.

We have to be alert of the valuable presence of megalithic monuments.

The energy of this hunebed is very earth bound, very low toned.

Here at the hunebed in Havelte the feeling is like the opening

of another layer in the earth. A gateway.

Perhaps this is also influenced by the other hunebed D54 nearby.

The hunebed D54 lies a few hundred meters towards the South East.

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