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Megalithic temple D52

Hunebed at Diever



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This hunebed has been built around 3400BC

and perhaps much earlier.

The landscape has changed through more then 5000 years.

Civilizations have been using the hunebed

as a burial place for women, men, children,

(very probably only their bones),

as a place of respect,

as a holy place.

In recent times all respect has vanished and

the place has been robbed of its simple treasures.

For tourists the ancient temple is a romantic place behind the village.


The orientation is South West,

the entrance is directed upon the South East.

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This hunebed D52 is situated near the charming village of Diever.

Diever has the charm and peacefulness of the ideal summer holiday place.

The walk towards the hunebed goes along a quiet country road.

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One stone is indicating the entrance of the temple.



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The hunebed was very much disturbed around 1900AD and

was reshaped into the present setting

by the master expert mr. Van Giffen.

Since then we know more about the hunebed in general

and there is doubt whether the reshaping was done correctly.

Being there at the site and feeling the energies Susan and Robert

have the opinion that the megalithic monument is in

a rather believable state.

It is a real pity that an entrance stone missing.

The obvious place is visible as a piece of mud.

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The chamber of the temple:

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Originally the openings between the giant stones were closed

with little flints. The floor of the place was lower and

covered with smalle pebbles.

Over the hunebed was a low hill, with a circle of sacred stones around.

Some small stones are indicating this holy circle:

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The holy circle stones are still in place.

Here started the original mount or hill that covered

and protected the ancient place.


The official sign and number:

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More impressions:


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The stones are well arranged and in line.

It is not sure that the stones are in the correct sequence.

Enthousiast archeologists have been "repairing".



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The impression of a very powerfull megalithic temple

is strong. The surrounding area

is respectfully set up.

Even the holy circle stones are in place.


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Susan is feeling the energies:

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Susan is measuring the energies around the megalithic monument.

Specially the Queen points arount the monument are

very important to find.



There are still 51 megalithic monuments in the Netherlands.

The energy is very earth bound, very low toned.

Here at the hunebed in Diever the feeling is a low whispering

of dark colored earth bound sounds.


See also the special page about the Queen points

around the "hunebed" in Anloo.

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